What should you do when you know someone is lying to you?
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20. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. alkistis eisai gommenara and a half 🙂

  2. But what is beneficence?

  3. I wish I’d of watched this video a week ago. I confronted someone close to me and now she has cut me out. I take responsibility for the hasty words I spoke. I realize I am not wise. I must pick myself up and let time pass. I must become more confident and work on my self esteem big time. Thank-you for the video Alkistis.

  4. can we beat the truth out of people? it works for me since I do bounty hunter work.

  5. making urself makes everything better. even lies will be like apportunity to understand things better.

    thanks alkisti u r an Agel 😀

  6. Yep! We’re ALL “Liar Dare Devils”;) hee! hee!

  7. RUSH….JUMP…ATTACK…EMBARRASS……(hmmmm. thats just my style……its so fun to be so DEVESTATING to an unsuspecting phillie)

  8. does this video repeat for anyone else?

    helpful nontheless 🙂

  9. Our good intentions are like a fire we build for ourselves in an otherwise cold world. Alkistis you are radiant ! XX

  10. Very good vid.

  11. This is an incredible video. I like how you take a very empowering stance toward lying. It is often so easy to take to role of a wounded animal, and to see the issue from a shuttered, one-track position. Thanks so much for such an intelligent video!

  12. i love the way u say “okey”.
    and that pink shirt is looking very cute on u.

  13. I really like this video. Everything your saying is clicking and makes sense. 🙂

  14. Thank you Alkistis. You are such a wonderful person ! Thank you for your wisdom.

  15. This video arrived at just the right time for me. Now that’s serendipity. I had an issue with someone and wasn’t sure how to handle it. Thank you.

  16. Well spoken Alkistis. But in a more idealized practice of wisdom, what would Socrates say about tolerating lies and us and others?

  17. shes a very intellegent devil

  18. Gosh…this video really relates to me and of course so many other people. I was lied to this week by someone I really care for…and the truth hurts! lol! But I made it into something positive and forgave them and moved on, and this video really just enforces my feelings and I’m glad I watched it. Thank you for all your wise videos =3

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