Extended push up on fingers

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13. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @MrAaronch go for it! 🙂

  2. @gekiryudojo hahaha Nice. It takes very much self motivation and discipline to reach this goal in the first place, And it takes a hell of a-lot more and an almost unbreakable will to achieve this when you have a disease or disorder. Your now at the level of inspiration. This has motivated me to get up off of my lazy ass and start seriously conditioning myself again. Blessings my friend, Peace

  3. @MrAaronch Last Night I was in my local Bar and some young 20 something guys were messing about having a press-up competition, I said Try this and did 2 of these on the video. None of them could do it! they could not move! they had a lot of respect for me afterwords!

  4. You must be a very powerful man to be able to do this and have MS. Much respect my friend.

  5. I forbid you grabbing me on the plums with finger strenth like that

  6. Guess you did beat MS
    Yeah The challenge you give sounds pretty good. I would have to go through a steps to build up to it like W4EAN mentioned.

  7. @W4EAN yes in my next Video 🙂

  8. can you show us the steps to be able to do this ?

  9. Yikes! The right-brained part of me wants to try this but the left-brained part of me keeps talking me out of it.

  10. @SAMBHU01 when you can do 5 I would like to see that on youtube 🙂

  11. Wait… Just one? At least 5 my friend, but thanks to you I know a new Type Push Up that I will try.

  12. so happy for you that things continue to improve… ((hugs))

  13. @gekiryudojo Well back in school me and my friends used to try these only one of my friends we’re able to do it lol. I need to learn more lower back exercises!!

  14. @gekiryudojo 😀

  15. @MSVlogSupport 🙂 you know you like it!

  16. Show off!!!

  17. @CombateArmsOndraya it’s harder on your lower back!

  18. Looks hard on the fingers

  19. @swordfreak16 😀

  20. I cant do this, but im going to “like” it anyway lol!

  21. @rutofan you tried it Eh?

  22. Damn your lower back must be extremely strong!!

  23. W T F

  24. @Cristal3 good man!

  25. @gekiryudojo
    No doubt! Every day is a challenge and every challenge is practice. That’s my philosophy.

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