Eye access cues and muscle reading

Using NLP eye access cues and muscle reading (Hellstromism) to divine an American symbol. Certain buildings, people and monuments invoke emotions, these emotions trigger ideomotor muscle reflexes. A little verbal probing also gets you a long way.
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06. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Well the fact that I pick out several pieces of paper with different things on them and show the spectator these then I think you may be wrong, check out some other videos of me. The fact (and I am honest) here that I have 30 American symbols pre selected and written down is because I am not a mind reader I simply tested these out and as you heard White House and Clinton are very extremely different things and thus the physiology is different. Try it yourself start simple and work your way up.

  2. It looks like a simple magic trick made to look like impressive talent. Im 90% sure youve all been had

  3. very nice.I can only read eye accessing clues and tell when someones lying sometimes.I have a question.what books do you suggest me reading for something like hellstromism?

  4. Nicely done!

  5. It’s just a matter of observation I know what is in the box and every item has very distinct features like you hear: Clinton, Jefferson Memorial, White house etc… So the right questions give responses that way I can fish for the right answer

  6. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm wtf da man. can u teach me ur skills :D?

  7. just great=) keep uploading more videos

  8. nice

  9. Very nice how you combine eye access cues (not clues, I understand the insiders joke) to fish for answers. That is true nature of NLP ask and observe. Very good demonstration, it must have taken sometime to learn this.

  10. Wow… Very nice muscle and psych-reading.. Very smooth

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