Eye Accessing Cues

A brief video pesentatiom on Eye Accessing Cues

21. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. this was really helpful thank you!!! you explained it really well.

  2. cheers mate,,it was good information,,could you do more please

  3. check at 4.40 he nearly pass out smoking!!never mind,we all do it when we are young !!

  4. this is the best video iv watched on this so far thanks mat e its explained allot

  5. the info he talks about is easy to obtain its a simple formula for reading eye patterns so that is like page 1. As far as trying to be over relaxed mono tone dull stare, dont try to be super clever mind reading wannabe by trying get into my head with your weak attempted youtube alias it doest work for ya. You should focus on fixn up yer speech tuning wont be looked at as dull slow boring hooligan cunt weirdo lad. thanks for repeating basic info so you can run off to yer pub and lurk down a pnt.

  6. A. What’s wrong with his mouth. B. Are you gonna let a 9 year old tell you something about “eye accessing cues?”

  7. He talks and looks like the whole of his face is numb?!?!?!!?!?!

  8. Very nice, simple, and easy to understand (y) 5 Stars

  9. Interesting! Thanks for the info.

  10. Great presentation .. great mind ..
    I go along with muncho ..
    plus add: get some real fresh veg into your diet .. your kidneys look like they are under strain . Usually a sign of fast food abuse .

  11. BRAVO!!! And so young. Beautiful! Just one thing. Use some of your talents to stop smoking!! You’ll be one day very big therapist!! It’s in you’re blood I see it. Don’t you stop working. Wish you my very best. I know I hear of you again one day. And I know I’m right;-)) God luck 2 you.

  12. Thanks, I will be doing some more psychology videos soon, the next one I do will probably be on memory.
    Have a great day

  13. you rock bro , got great style . 5+ stars

  14. Cheers, a great introduction.

  15. Stop flashing your youtube alias during the video ;p

  16. have you been the dentist, is your top lip numb

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