fast induction, nlp, hypnosis street of new york

This is me on the streets with some magic friends and I am showing them a fast induction uing nlp techniques. ohh and simon lovell interupts.
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22. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. how does this work???

  2. “Do you mind if I film something with you?”

    What a weird thing to say to a women plus

    You didn’t look very hard, did you

  3. ok. so, you jolt their hand and yell sleep, ive learned that much, but is there anything else i’m missing that is essential in this technique?

  4. Damn .I was afraid of the day when this stuff gets more eyeballs.

    I guess I had to learn about to some how 5yrs ago.

    Fun watching him get rapport with her(pacing and leading).Then afterwards she just looks silly minded

  5. sounds fun to do im looking into ross jeffries stuff for seduction

  6. thank you…. there was not a set up in the sense of stoogies whic is what i beleive the person is trying to say. On the other hand I did have the person in an induction prior to filming and showed the “:take down” only

  7. What do you know about hypnosis to sou everar FAKE..SET UP. ? Have you ever study hypnosis? I´have been practicing professional hypnosis for 15 and that is not fake. is as reals as fou see ti

  8. Fake – Setup. Not real.

  9. Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable…

  10. hey wat do u mean by state breaks? do you mean pattern interrupts or are state breaks something else? also another question i got the patter you had going was basically to get the idea of sleep in her mind already and from the handshake u did a shock inudction i guess u can say am i close? lol ive been studying hypnosis for awhile but i love the way you did this it was awesome i would love to learn this…

  11. Cute.

  12. I do not believe this wow. Is there a course I can take from you.

  13. lol..I bet they r

  14. Wonderful…I’ll bet the Ethics Committee is thrilled.

  15. the information is out there….

    study basic hypnosis and NLP

  16. So is there a way I could learn this stuff without having to spend money on courses or dvd’s?

  17. Yes, Therearesteps before hand that I would ask you to take. Like studying the art of hypnosis, and NLP. I am not saying that all of your subjects will be as easy and in most cases what happened here will not happen for you. With the right cituation and person this could very easily work as a state break which can lead into a deepening process….

  18. I recorded the patter. That is really what I was going after. We as in the group in the background where all hanging out and talking about inductions and state breaks. This is what I came up with on the fly. It has since been revamped and I inter mix 3 step handshake from Richard Bandler

  19. no i am ot saying you can go out and do only what I did and you will have someone be put under….. Although with the right situation and person yes you could use this as a state break and go into a deepening

  20. So are you actually saying that If I go out and do exactly what you do, I’ll be able to put someone to sleep just like that?

  21. or already in a pre induced state…..

  22. there was pre work that is not on video…

  23. When your looking around for a person to use it doesn’t look right. To me it seems staged, that doesn’t mean itis staged but that’s what came to my mind.

    If not then great job.

  24. omg SIMON IS HILARIOUS!!! lol….

  25. had you also done some talking/reinforcement with her that was not on the video here? Or is this literally everything & all that you said to her?

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