Breakdown of fear mongering techniques in womens magazines by Rob Ager. For more articles / videos www.collativelearning.com
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03. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Why would anyone buy that kind of CRAP! Cant u brits demand the cessation of the like?

  2. Man you have big heaD GOD DAMN!!! I cound headshot you with my eyes closed. And fuck to womens magazines, . PORN MAGAZIIINES ARE FTW!

  3. “How my Big Brother saved my life.” hmmm I wonder what subliminal message that is?

  4. Fear sells

  5. ppl are stupid and they don’t want to understand. they WANT TO BE SCARED.
    take horror movies. in recent or further history, it would be sick.

    i just hope people don’t become “zombies” without feelings nor healthy point of view. if you get bombared by this sh*t each day, you get resistant to it.
    people don’t care about others, they just love reading about other’s troubles and terrors.

    p.s. britain’s magazines kinda look like they’re made in paint by children

  6. signs of self worth. Masculinity is degraded. This also promotes self worth in women. The men’s magazines function on bar room culture. And generally promote male insecurities.”are you rich enough, handsome enough” to “measure up” to the ‘superior’ woman. Men are taught to lust and to worship women as women’s magazines promote disgust towards men. They reinforce each other. And the fallout from such can be reflected in society. Never under estimate the power of advertising and its affect on

  7. I was trained in advertising and was trained in these methods. These magazines reflect market research. The main theme of these magazines is male degredation, humiliation and exploitation. I could go into detail. However each componant reinforces the other and thus ‘creates’ the market. The main selling point of the magazines/tv shows/products is to reinforce existing notions of female supriority. Most of the magazines push the idea of ‘confidence’, titles, degrees, money as being validating….

  8. I used to be addicted to Chat and Thats Life .

  9. RAPED BY THE DRAGON “good stuff” LOL

  10. what you said in the intro is VERY true.

  11. in order to create profits, you must create problems. fear is the greatest drive in sales

  12. What a truly fucked up magazine. All modern states have the same crappy magazines in their stores, but i get the impression that the UK takes the cake in this kind of low quality publication. I don’t know how it came to this.

  13. Chat magazine seems to focus on male nasties and poor defenceless females or young children. It’ll make women very wary of men, rather than see them as aposite partners. Are they encouraging women to become misandrist? This is the kind of stuff feminists use as their “all men are evil” ammo. Also theres a lot of organisations solely to protect women from male abuse, rather than abuse in general. Even the anti-bullying helpline is gone but this is what replaces it. A very uneven world.

  14. Very informative youtube article. Thanks for your hard work.

    This religion of mass media is very perturbing indeed.

  15. The time is now- Wake and do it peacefully…

    Talk to me Carolina G – Thinking

  16. @Xtramentalstencilist Lol that’s a brilliant username

  17. It would good to cover the tactics of ‘lad mags’ and how this affects men’s overview and treatment of women. That’ll be a good one. As I doubt very much that reading such publications regularly is ‘harmless’. Especially when read by teenage boys.

  18. Coronation street is very occultic, as is the News of the World.

  19. Fear sells, just ask half of the radio personalities in America.

  20. Negativity and fear drive all news. Whenever you watch the news, the first story is never how such and such won teacher of the year. It’s more like 10 killed in Iraq, Iran threatens nuclear war, mad man shot hostages, 72 murdered on the Mexican border,…etc. It’s good to be observant of these patterns. News has a propaganda agenda. Good video.

  21. One of the many stereotypes about men and male sexuality is that men were some sort of “evil inside” and male sexuality was “brutal and primitve”.
    Many women see us as still being semi-cavemen who are completely driven by their sexual instinct, yet many women show a rather submissive approach to sexuality.
    I guess these mags are doing the stuff you show in the clip to appeal to that sort of women by triggering this contrariness.

  22. Quite frankly,they could never have enough pedophile stories in any papers in the UK-land of pedophilia and of course up north there in Scotland where “mums-the-word” as far as the local reporting goes on pedophilia. I think in that respect,you are way off on your criticism about “every day you read a pedophilia story…..” They should write about every case they find,although that in itself would take up the entire newspaper.

  23. This man is genius.

  24. this is happening in more mags and papers, does fear sell more soap?

  25. Save yourself the intro 🙂 2:42

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