Fear Of Flying: How To Overcome Flying Phobia

www.justbewell.com How to overcome your fear of flying. The fear, or phobia of flying is a learned response and one of the most proven and powerful ways of getting rid of all fears and phobias, including the fear of flying, is the NLP fast phobia cure. This excellent technique, when combined with effective hypnosis, will usually emilinate flying phobia quickly and easily, and for good. We have succeessfully treated people for this for many years and have confidence that we can help you too. The treatment is easy and often entertaining (we know that may be hard to believe…) and usually takes no more than one or two hours work. The fear of flying is not a complicated thing, it is a learned mental knee-jerk response, a conditioned response, and with the right application of appropriate techniqe, by someone who really know what they are doing, you can learn to overcome you phobia of flying once and for all.

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  1. It all knuckles down to instincts, not cowardice.

  2. 1 Person Is Still Scared

  3. the bad feeling is that once i was going on my holiday and as the plane was going higher it dramatically just started going down 😐 luckily though it started going really high up

  4. lol who scared of flying?? everyone wish to fly and travel -.-

  5. Tease.

  6. @Killskayaovich Thats exactly how I feel when I get on. Its worse for me during night flights.

  7. im afraid of terrorists

  8. I know some people fear flying Why??? they fear if plane drops or it crash to water

    I fly 100 times a plane and not interesting happens

    IF YOU FEAR FLYING just relax Watch movies or listen to music or sleep

    if you fly many times you dont fear flying anymore!!!!


  10. @RichieEastside: It would be nice to get on a short flight with a bunch of other phobic fliers – everyone could hyperventilate, or scream, or freak out together and not feel weird about it lol.

  11. @RichieEastside That is EXACTLY what happened to me in about 2004 – lucky I was simply let off the plane, and was never questioned. But, unfortunately, I have been unable to get on a plane since. I have absolutely no fear of crashing – I know how safe flying is – but I have this fear of being trapped once the plane is in the air. It’s totally irrational. Meanwhile, my life is passing me by, and I’m missing out on seeing the world… :/ I wish LAX offered courses for phobic fliers.

  12. mayday mayday mayday… This is what i fear not the plane xD

  13. I’m also scared of flying. I’m not letting it stop me from getting on a plane, but I’m always nervous on takeoff and the first 15 minutes in flight. It’s the feeling of not having control that scares me. My father is a pilot (^^) and he says that once you learn how to fly, your fear goes away because you know whats gonna happen all the time. So, I’m going to take private lessons to learn how to fly, and I would recommend it to all of you out there scared of flying 🙂

  14. God is this really possible not be scared to fly,i hate flying so much any bump weird sound if there air hostess looks panicky ,then im straight into a panic attack ,,i can barely go use the bathroom and EVERYTIME i hear the sucky flush i jump right outta my skin i hate to walk on planes i never ever ever look out the window,,in fact i pretend there r no windows ,,i look at all the others on the flight and think god u all look so happy but ur gonna die ,,.:( god somebody help me :(:(

  15. Wow… I am so scared of flying that thinking about getting on a plane makes me have a panic attack. But you know what, I feel better now. 🙂 Maybe it wont be so bad

  16. @jamesthereaper7 Very good but I’ve been in about 8 car accidents and never had a scratch. Think you can pull that same lucky streak off with 8 plane crashes?

  17. @jamesthereaper7 Well I’m not talking about distance traveled, I’m talking about corpses produced…perhaps we just have different ideas of what “safe” means.

  18. @RichieEastside Flying is the safest form of civilian transportation when measured by distance traveled.

  19. @jamesthereaper7 Well I didn’t say anything about trains, I was talking mostly about ships. Look up total deaths from commercial cruising vs. air travel and you’ll see that it’s not the safest way to go. Hell, even the percentages are probably lower for cruising.

  20. * A US National Safety Council study showed flying to be 22 times safer than travelling by car
    * 21,000 people (on average) die on the road in the US in a 6-month period. This is approximately the same amount of all commercial air travel fatalities WORLDWIDE in 40 years
    * More than 3million people fly EVERY DAY.
    * A Boeing aircraft takes off or lands every 2 seconds somewhere in the world – all day, every day!

  21. @RichieEastside When measured on a passenger-distance calculation, air travel is the safest form of transportation available: these figures are the ones mentioned by the air industry when quoting statistics on air safety. For every billion kilometers traveled, trains have a fatality rate 12 times larger than air travel, while automobiles have a fatality rate 62 times larger.

  22. @jamesthereaper7 Nope. Sea travel is the safest form of transport. Do your research. There have been more deaths in the last 50 years from commercial air travel than from commercial cruises.

    Also the argument of “flying is safer than driving” doesn’t hold up, because in almost all plane crashes there are fatalities. The percentage of car accidents without fatalities is infinitely higher than the number of plane crashes without fatalities, which is probably almost zero.

  23. It’s strange because I used to fly ALL the time when I was a kid and loved it, but now that I’m grown I can’t get on a plane at all. Last time I attempted it was back in 2002 and I ended up freaking out and getting off the plane which led the TSA searching me, running background checks, evacuating the airplane and checking everything on it, and putting me in a room for 3 hours and asking me a million questions. It’s so frustrating because I so love to travel…I hope I can get help 🙁

  24. @127miles you can go on a fear of flying course, which usually lasts about half an hour. There is nothing t be afraid of really, you are more likely to die from a car crash than a plane falling. Think about how many times you see this problem on the local news- never!!!

  25. Look, I used to love flying, there was nothing better. Today, I’m quite afraid to fly, and the weird thing is, planes fascinate me. I know a lot more about them than the average person. How safe they are, how engines, flaps, landing gear etc. work. But when i get on the plane, and if there’s any turbulence, or when the plane turns, i get terrified. I feel as if the plane is going to keep turning and barrel roll, or that it will start to rapidly descend.
    What can I do?

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