Fear Of Public Speaking: Cure The Phobia Now

www.justbewell.com The fear of public speaking is said to be the most common phobia in the world. Whether this is true or not, it is certainly possible to overcome public speaking phobia with help from hypnotherapy (hypnosis) and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Public speaking fears hold people back in meetings and they prevent people from being their best when doing presentations. It isnt just work life thats affected. Most people have to stand up and say a few words in front of other at some point in their lives, when they get married, for example. Hypnotherapy and NLP are so effective in dealing with the fear of public speaking because they tackle the problem directly. This is not therapy or counselling, this is practical training and reconditioning and the techniques have been proven with thousands of people through the years. It does not matter where your phobia started, and you certainly werent born with public speaking anxiety, you learned it along the way. We arent going to talk with you about how difficult your life has been, we are just going to get on with helping you to change these horrible limiting fears. Now getting rid of this phobia does not instantly give you Obama like eloquence, but it when you feel confident and comfortable speaking to groups of people you are obviously going to come across better. So whether it is for a best mans speech, for a business or college presentation, in fact whatever its for, you can change this, and you can change it

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  1. i liked that much,it make me feel confident

  2. Great tips, but didn’t expect the 007 vid in the bookshelf xD

  3. Laura – this is great! If you can get people over their fear of speaking, I can teach them how to promote their business through speaking – I’m just starting to make tips for my Youtube channel too. Really looking foward to hearing more from you.

  4. It’s really hard to not fear public speaking in business presentations especially when you know 30min later they’re going to attack you with generalisations/ figures you have made. What do I about that? Please help!

  5. I hate it when people say stuff like “take energy”; what hell hell are you talking about? I mean, there is nothing in science that has any relevance at all to what you’re talking about. Unless you’re talking about heat energy but I don’t see how that affects your performance.

  6. i cant get over it, & I just know when i have to give a presentation or just read something in class that it will be bad. my fear is public speaking & just reading aloud for my class. i just freeze up & most of the time i cant get words out of my mouth. then ppl look over thinking, “why isnt she reading..” & to make it worse im a big reader, so I have a wide vocab of words, but when i have to read aloud it seems i cant pronounce words, but I can. i hear myself saying it in my head,

  7. Yeah , It`s really hard tough But the main point is to overcome it and in overcoming that where i fell , it`s like that , i just can`t do it , i don`t have the courage to overcome that fear/phobia even though that it is the important matter , It`s like the title of a song [ can`t fight this feeling ] Do you Feel that too Guys 😀 ,If You , then your not alone, What can you say about that few things in myself, Thanks

  8. It’s not even the thoughts that go like: oh i’m going to mess up, or people will laugh at me type of thoughts. I guess just knowing that i’m currently the only one speaking in a room with like 40 people makes me nervous. It might be from the awkwardness of it. Or It might be from the constant staring of 80 pairs of eyes. Or both. I will be giving a huge speech in the spring and i’ve been nervous about it since the beginning of November. It’s hard to keep your mind off of it. Tips anyone?

  9. @phoenixhoneybee But how well do you REALLY know her?

  10. I think we have different, but equally useful tactics!

  11. @nino0057 No that does happen to me as well. Its horrible.

  12. @nobodypersonsomeone At least you don’t choke up to the point where you can’t utter a word. I remember having to read in front of class in HS and completely choked up, and it happened every time I had to. Extremely embarrassing.

  13. @Anae420 I feel your pain, trust me.

  14. @ncs2000 Yes, those conditions will happen. Your heart rate and breathing rate will increase, but even if you cannot control that there is one thing that you can control: your attitude. Remember that feeling for just a second, and then remember the last time you felt really overjoyed and excited about something. You’ll notice that you get that same increased heart rate and breathing rate when you are really excited about something. Knowing this, you can practice making that energy positive.

  15. too bad, the fear of public speaking i can’t get over it, i juz don’t like it, the fear of not being able to speak up at all due to increase heart rate and breathing rate, uncontrollable factors

  16. @22creepy and that is whats going to happen to me. 🙁 i have to give a 25 min presentation about a topic of Physics the Cosmos…plus 10 mins for questions. im more than terrified.. i have social phobia too and im extremely shyy uughhh

  17. I want a British accent when I speak in public just cause it sounds more PROFESSIONAL 🙂

  18. this video sucks

  19. This is just stupid. I had to read out about 4 sentances today in front of the class, and halfway through I was shaking and had a wobbly voice. I hate it so much, and I dont understand why I get so nervous because there is no reason to be

  20. @JustBeWell you did not explain that HOW you gain energy out of attention of so many people focussed at you

  21. @JustBeWell you did not explain that you gain energy out of attention of so many people focussed at you

  22. Hi Laura, nice video. I’ve seen you speak before and I loved your story – very engaging. In fact, I have uploaded some interactive speaking training videos on my channel. Let me know what you think… Cheers! Tom

  23. There are some actually good tips here. I’ve been searching for other ways to overcome fear of public speaking and found a free report on this website. Its pretty cool. Check it out. I dont think Youtube allows me to post links so i’ll have to show it to you in this format:


  24. Agreed, though it is better to be trained not to be anxious in the first place.

  25. Stay positive. While it is easier said than done, staying positive during an attack will speed up your recovery. Let the situation flow while keeping in mind that it will going to pass. An attack peaks for 5 to 10 minutes and rarely extends for more than half an hour so do not think that you are going crazy (or going to die) even if it feels that you are going crazy (or going to die).

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