Fear to Freedom NLP in Action – Mark J Holland Demonstrating NLP Mind Coaching

www.markholland.com.au markjholland.blogspot.com Do you have a: Fear of public speaking, Fear of speaking Fear of success Fear of water Fear of confrontation, Fear of closing the sale, Fear of heights Fear of spiders Fear of snakes Fear of the dentist Fear of death Fear of god Think for a moment when we isolate the letters of the word FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real Create a resource anchor to remove FEAR from your life. Overcome fear, reduce stress and worry. If you or someone you know has a fear, and would like to have it removed, call or email TODAY! I have more advanced techniques to help you go from Fear to FREEDOM! In this video you will learn a technique toward creating more success in your own life. Mark J Holland NLP Mind Coach www.markholland.com.au markjholland.blogspot.com markholland.com.au NLP – Personal Development – Self-Help Coaching – Neuro Linguistic Programming

26. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. Thank you Mark! This really helped me. A very creative way to work NLP through youtube.

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