Fight Science – Qi Gong Tested

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13. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @armpithumor yes i agree, i think if you thrust (not slowly pushing) the spear into his windpipe……he will have to use his chi to revive himself lol

  2. Still no explanation. duh (=_= ‘)

  3. Should have an anonymous guy hit him. There will be no doubt if hitting hard, added that sensor to it and that prove a real strike. As the strike can be slowed down at the last part.

  4. i don’t like how he hits the bat you have to batter through him…he like makes contact but after that contact it’s like hes blown back?…bullshit lol


  6. @AFKslashSLITTING a flatheaded screw driver can pierce the neck without much effort

  7. I want to see him do a Hadouken.

  8. a scientist could never understand a thing like qi gong. It does not matter what other people believe should happen, it only matters what you believe is possible and where that belief takes you. Faith can be the most powerfull force at times but love still trumps them all.

  9. @GuitarGuy057 I really don’t know if you are an idiot or what… It seems to me that you cannot read properly or you just don’t understand English. I only said Qi was amazing and I want to see more applications of it.
    Read my post again or hire a translator.

  10. @hellspawn133 I wish I could. I wish there is a Qi gong master here in the Philippines. I am always fascinated with Qi. I want to know its different usage in medicine and martial arts.

  11. @jmcboy1275 Why not. Women are human too.

  12. @aivilo115 Did you pay attention? The bat had force sensors. He hit him with that bat with almost 500 pounds of force. That is a fact.

  13. D: scaryy

  14. @AFKslashSLITTING a flathead screwdriver u serious plz stfu if u throw a flathead screwdriver like javelin muthafucka u aint piercin shit u damn whack ass bob da builder i use plastic tools to build my house retarded ass little boi

  15. I dont know about this shit – If I were there, I would tell his “partner” to step aside and let me hit him with something. Then I might be convinced.

  16. @badpanda84 my guess is he fell off a cliff and waved his arms the right way and didnt die

  17. why is there a woman on the show?

  18. @GuitarGuy057 its technique, conditioning and the fact that the spear was not a pointed tip but more like a flathead screwdriver. you can see this based on the impressions in his neck. i’m not saying it wasn’t impressive, but it’s certainly no sign of magical power lol. you must be a huge criss angel fan LOL

  19. @RhadeConstantine haha, i guess tat “armpit guy” dint learn physic “action n reaction” teory… n just cum up bullshitting to gt ppl attention….

  20. I wonder how the first person discovered chi..

  21. If it was fake I think people would have noticed like 5000 years ago in India… =P haha

  22. @vaevictious Felt that my point got through already.

  23. @aj27117 Obviously 2500lbs will not crush that area with Qi protecting it. Much like the bat should’ve done more than bounce off. Accept it, dude. It is truth.

  24. when the guy hit him with the breakable stick he moved away from the spear , the spear it self is flexible. i dont believe this.

  25. the guy swining the bat did not follow through.

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