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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Mississauga.Do you have a few minutes to sit back and relax? Just find a comfortable chair where you can sit and relax for a few minutes while you listen to this audio. if you would like to download this mp3 audio free, please subscribe to our newsletter at: You will also receive a Free report on hypnosis and information about seminars, news and promotions about new hypnosis audios and products. To see a list of our available hypnosis cds and mp3 downloads for sale please go to Find us on facebook! Thanks and many Blessings!
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18. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Herrrooww! Hans Hans Hans you’re breaking my balls Hans, I already told you, we don’t have any weapons of mass destruction!

  2. ► Sleep Hypnosis, Relaxation Hypnosis and more Hypnosis in My Channel! ◄

  3. if it said ‘youre waiting for a train…’ somewhere in this. would’ve made the video.

  4. Mmm…I’m sleepy and my arms and legs are falling out of my bed and I keep hitting my boyfriend!

  5. 0:43 My house is sinking!!! lol


  7. This actually worked for me, my head and arms felt well heavy when i opened my eyes 🙂 Headphones make it work better

  8. Great my grandparents came in my room as i was relaxing

  9. @roquefortfiles ikr? i hate it when someone in a relaxation video has the kind of voice that has a pitch that wakes you up. this woman’s voice puts you to sleep! it’s great.

  10. I did not find this relaxing, it’s not bad, however the woman talks way too fast, for me anyhow, and her voice just does not have that relaxing quality that I have heard on other guided imagery tapes and I have listened to hundreds of them.. nice attempt but just does not do the job …thanks..

  11. @MissPixiePaige87 then i highly suggest Lita, her youtube channel is massage clips, u should check it out!

  12. i wonder if there is any subliminal messages in here…

  13. This is the best hypnosis vid on youtube, great soft voice and I like the Spanish accent.

  14. @roquefortfiles *Kool Aid guy breaks through a wall* O YEAH BITCHES

  15. Thanks for getting rid of my headache (:

  16. @jay190uk
    i cant unhear it

  17. wats the point of the pictures if we have our eyes closed

  18. She has a beautiful voice, but personally, I found that her pace was too fast for me. I’m already a hyperactive person, so I need something ultra slow and mellow to calm me down, lol.

  19. you should do a virtual massage or sleep hypnosis vid. with your voice you could put the world to sleep

  20. ure great. one of the best on youtube. top 3

  21. It’s Penelope Cruz!!!

  22. My god I love this. *SUBSCRIBE*

  23. @nathanfitch1994 Try Relaxation Sanctuary :]

  24. This is incredible !! thnx

  25. @Entreri1887
    Obviously those people were so relaxed, they could barely stay awake, with blurry vision and what-not.

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