FULL Binaural Mind Altering Recording

binaural mind altering meditation

21. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. is it normal to hear waves splashing, like from the beach?

  2. @jamesarongray i am truly a complex chararter

  3. When i first subbed u i didn’t like u and then unsubbed, now i think i like u again haha

  4. Well yesterday I’ve heard this and I experienced a lot of sensations. Mostly a slowly vanishment of my body. Then, I started to see different types of shapes in each eye, if I remember well was a colored circle in the left and a spiral (like the dna) in the right. Also I saw scenes that I exactly don’t know what means, there is one that I remember well a hand writing a word that I can’t see well, looks like: HYPDR or something like that. I’ll continue listening this in the next days.

  5. @2010Jakeypoo more like half an hour a day for 3 – 4 days to get the brain used to being entrained and then see how you go

  6. Heres what happened to me. I layed down with my headphones on and closed my eyes. Sound was at high volume. All I could hear was the Binaural waves… After about a half hour I got sooo relaxed… My body just felt weighed down an tingly and I could feel myself breathing. I took off the headphones and immediately was hearing the same wirling type sound even though the sounds were off. WEIRD!!! I think in order for it to work you really get into it and give it some time… perhaps hours.

  7. One problem that I have with some of these videos, is that no explanation is given as to what the video is about, or is meant to accomplish. Truthfully, before messing with altering my state of mind, I would at least like to know what to expect if it works correctly. i.e. should make you sleep, should give energy, will get you stoned, etc.
    So my question is, what is this recording “supposed” to do? What did it do for you?

  8. @UnionMetalhead

    Get earbuds! But make sure they fit ok before buying them. Or see if they have different size
    adapters included. Many do. I have a kind that goes around the outside-top of my ear, then has a small
    bud that sits inside the ear. Works pretty well. Many people will say that you cannot get the same quality sound with earbuds that you do with headphones. That is true but for binaural beats, you don’t need that kind of quality. You just need to be able to hear them clearly.

  9. @Imxoneofthefallen It happens like that sometimes. You have had a very interesting personal experience. After having trained yourself up, try doing it without the entrainment protocol and then returning to it after a period of a few nights.

  10. Is it normal for your body to feel so relaxed it almost feels numb? I saw a white light as well, and I only got 30 minutes in. I also saw this purple orb in my vision. I had my eyes closed the whole time as well.

  11. I just finished laying down for an hour, used headhphones and used a shirt to cover my eyes with. Not too much to mention, but I did notice a pulsing sensation, especially the shirt. It felt like it was pulsing. I feel very disoriented and lightheaded now, but that may be because I just got up from lying down.

  12. @TheMrBlinx The vibration is the only thing missing from an authentic flying experience……….and some turbulence here and there 🙂

  13. @TheMrBlinx
    I’ve never flown, so I wouldn’t know.

  14. @BespokeGroupUK I’ve been trying to get back my dreams of flight and having super human capabilities for quite a while…i fell asleep listening to your video early this morning and BAM! I even realized I was dreaming at one point and partially woke up, then was able to get back to the dream rather easily. It had slightly change, but mainly from only being able to fly to having telekinesis and just before I woke the ability to heal others. I would very much like your input in this! 🙂

  15. I think radio static would give me a better result thanks anyways

  16. This is weird. To weird.

  17. @NuggetMayanz Try and do ti once a day for 3 – 5 days and it should become more powerful. It is worth while also taking a break from entrainment for a while occasionally so that th brain can find its own equilibrium

  18. so how long does it take to feel the effects of this mind entrainment? and when does it peak?

  19. great stuff bespoke. Thank you! How can I get an original copy of this in tape or CD form?

  20. i did this as a way to fall asleep. I woke up and in my hamstring, everyother… string i guess you could say, was asleep. pretty crazy i must say.

  21. bah,every binaural beat makes interference with my headphones

  22. I started getting happy when the a7x add came on in front of this xD

  23. well thanks to the fact that i have to use headphones – i cant lie down and do this so i have to do it seated! but anyway, what exactly is it meant to do? it says mind altering but in what way? good, bad? more good id guess? the fucking video is taking hours to work for me to listen to it.

  24. I haven’t been this relaxed in months. I was almost to sleepy/lazy to bother and type this comment, but I have 40 more minutes of bliss to go so screw it.

  25. @Merkonw I would ask someone is very knowledgable about these beats, try finding Brandon Daemon on facebook or youtube and Private message him your questions. : ) Peace & Love

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