Gentle Speed-Trance Rapid Hypnosis Induction by Nongard Richard Nongard demonstrates a “gentle” speed-trance induction. Get certified in hypnosis at http
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13. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Do you have videos that will help me sleep throughout the night? Im an insomniac and cannot sleep for anything. Hypnosis videos are the only things that help me relax and I am fully concious and always aware of everything even during the hypnosis. Is that supposed to happen?

  2. Really Appricate this sir, got a question though, Could this work if i did it to myself? 🙂

  3. Damn I spent half an hour with a friend as we practiced on each other and weren’t successful though we tried imitating you as much as possible… The closest I got was a small and weird feeling of being mentally “dropped” at the time of the snap. I’d really like to learn this.

  4. Excellent job of description and demonstration! Love to learn fro you personally. You, Nathan, John Cerbone are my favorites.

  5. This is very useful way of induction …. Thanks for posting it on youtube.

  6. If you use that technique on someone who knows you well will it work? I mean would i have enough charisma for the person to trust my voice and follow my gestures etc?

  7. “i’m going to pop your cap”

  8. Hypnotise..steal wallet…wake up feeling refreshed 😛

  9. ►►Sleep Hypnosis, Relaxation Hypnosis & More Hypnosis in MY CHANNEL◄◄

  10. Man I really wish I could do this but everytime I try I fail.

  11. yh i fought tht was useful infomation and i was woundering wat are the stages meaning like wat to say while there in a speed trance can stuff like make them do funny things?

  12. Thats nice, but it would be really great if you can make them do things to show more proof they are in a trance state.

  13. I also performing a combination of hypnosis and metal bending, it has subtitles because it’s performed at Illusions magic bar in Bristol. Check out my channel!

    More video’s are comming soon so don’t forget to subscribe and please share it!

  14. u in holland any time soon?

  15. i tried to do this to myself and it felt really weird, like sleep paralicess lol

  16. he does something at 5:12, its an inconsistent video, i think he touched her

  17. @ClinicalHypnosis Have you ever tried to hypnotize anyone when you’re not right next to them, like through a webcam or something? (if that’s even possible)

  18. Well you can see a “cut” as you say but the sound is not cut, so is not a cut. but is true, hypnosis works and i know it because i am doing it, i have not meet any of this amazing guys or go to any of their classes i live in the Dominican Republic and i have studied hypnosis by internet all i have learn come from it or books. and i have make a person i didn`t know become a little chicken and when i asked to say something his words were “pio” EVEN i was surprised!!! so, yes is true.

  19. What an excellent demonstration! Very well done, sir! Favorited this video and subscribed. You clearly have MUCH to share with the hypnosis community!

  20. @Tjeerth she probly moved, so we cannot see this isn’t real.
    i don’t think it’s posseble letting someone going in a deep trance in 5sec with just fingertip watching. my opinion

  21. Does a ‘subject’ or ‘target’ or this rapid induction need to be more suggestible ? Or could it work on an average person without incident ?

  22. @Tjeerth He probably continued the session longer than the others so they cut that part out and continued it with the ending

  23. @akiffy278 I’m also a certified hypnotist, I went through a certification program with the School of Professional Hypnosis which can be found online. Some advice would be to spend quite a bit of time reading about hypnosis and understanding what you are doing to your subjects before trying anything, when you bring up someone’s subconcious you are bringing up any lingering emotions there, and if your subject has any form of mental illness they arent telling you about it can be bad.

  24. ironically, people have no idea they are controlled by so many things around them that never ask for their permission or even acknowledge them as real living GOD. So, the first person that comes along that does ask them, will end up touching and squeezing anything they want having full access to Gods garden with planting you tree in their shooting of loads of seeds! s

  25. @TRIPnj OMG. No concerns about political correctness there!

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