Greek Philosophy

My favorites from the ‘holy TRINITY” of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle…

22. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Love creates.Hate destroys.

  2. @alkistisTV But what would love be? And what is wisdom?

  3. @ormen9 The word ‘philosophy’ explains everything: Litterally it means in Greek:
    Philos=friend, sophy=wisdom. Anybody who loves wisdom is a philosopher…no PhD’s necessary..

  4. I am sorry, Alikistis, for my idiocy and foolishness before. Please let me ask you two questions: What is philosophy and what is it you do to make you a philosopher?

  5. @Magarmach09

    Just out of curiousity, what make you say that?

  6. Philosophy is Bull shit subject,with full of useless metaphysical concepts.
    we should focus on study of special sciences like Psychology,phsyics,astronomy which will led to development of Human race.

  7. Greco-Buddhism, sometimes spelt Graeco-Buddhism, refers to the cultural syncretism between Hellenistic culture and Buddhism, which developed between the 4th century BCE and the 5th century CE

  8. history is a good subject especially greek and roman books on philosiphers such as aristotle are good in expanding knowledge about the world! 5 stars

  9. German prime minister Bismarck once said something like, the fool learns from his own experience, the wise learns from history.
    Thank you for this very very interesting video. I want to hear more.

  10. Buddha is great but I wonder whether he was influenced by Heraclitus or vice-versa. They seem to have lived at about the same time frame and we already know that the mercantile Asian trade was very much alive at the time.

  11. how about this philosophy? In an activity involving a hammer, u won’t meditate on the hammer itselfe, unless the hammer is compromising the activity. But if u do meditate on that, then it will slow you down. Or in other (simpler) words, if it aint broke, then don’t try to fix it. Of course, u can reserve special time to see if u can improve the hammer (or invent/use another tool), but that is an investment witch costs, and u’d better have a serious reason for investing in it. Like it? :))

  12. But if one has moderation & balance, he doesn’t know the bliss of OBSESSION. (And that devotion to a theme fills me with complete PASSION)

  13. Yep, when I was a teen I wondered how I would become excellent at something when there were so many people in the world. It is simply applying yourself to practice.

    Doing what you love helps.

  14. Yes! The 3 are amazing thinkers.

  15. Bravo!

  16. Great summary of the three greats. Years ago when i studied them in detail, i found it interesting the Delphi Oracle was famous for saying some of the same things that the philosophers were: “Know Thyself”, “All Things In Moderation” etc *****

  17. Great video, Buddah said “what you think you become”

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