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24. June 2011 by Admin
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  2. bitch this awesome

  3. 19,000 views! Good job!

  4. well this seems to be real considering evryone liked it and with 18916 views someone is bound to try it and if it were fake at least one out of all of those people will come back to this very video and dislike it.

  5. WTF does jolting mean?

  6. @pr4nk5tr It actually works better, because they expect to be hypnotized 😛

  7. Does the handshake induction also work if people have heard about it and more or less expect it?

  8. Hi steve a few questions how do u know if someone is suggestible and how do you know if someone is actually under hypnosis? I’ve been reading up on nlp, thats how I found your video.

  9. Hi Steve, congrats for your wonderful videos!
    I’m Attilio, an Italian guy and i just discovered conversional hypnosis in selling and i’m trying to use your advices in my language with my potential clients.
    I have a question for you: can you tell me some sentences i can use next time i shake the hands of my potential clients?
    “congrats, you’ll be my next client!” could be a good one?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  10. @toxic2k7 @gerkintrigg
    this isn’t for random strangers it’s for clients

  11. @gerkintrigg He is talking about when in a session of hypnotherapy (clinical setting)

  12. @rusurazvan acutally the site was really helpful

  13. I just give them rohypnol

  14. fuck,i was so near to enter the site,hehe you will not trick me

  15. im tired hahaha good shit

  16. You are so smart. Probably best advice I’ve heard in awhile. Anchoring context in that way is really cool. How do you think the physical sensation causes someone to be greater anchored into that thought? or experiencing it? Does it have to do with accessing subconscious easier through physical touch? Thanks for sharing anyway!

  17. lol yh i get what u mean, i live in london and i would be like wtf? if a guy comes up to me wearing a long coat and stuff, saying ‘ hi ‘ while touching me, talking about sleep alot. so i dont think they could even approach us in the UK without being called a wierdo, and the town center gets desserted because the word gets around ‘theres a fruitcake on the loose ‘ lol

  18. I think I need to point out that this usually won’t work as you describe it. Most people (certainly in the UK) are too suspicious of the types of “oh I really like you talking about [sleep]” type anchor.

    Perhaps your videos need more emphasis on subtlety.

  19. Not every professional out there like to share their trade secrets like you do in this video. I really appreciate that you take the time to teach people thinks that empower them. Even if it is just the basics. Thanks 🙂

  20. I am recently becoming very interested in both NLP and hypnosis and so I am exploring the tubes and downloads looking for all that I can mostly cause I’m currently in between jobs and can’t afford a course… so self study is my ticket for now and I just wanted to say that I have found your videos an excellent resource here. Thanks for sharing Steve. I hope to learn alot and to make good use of what I learn.

  21. love the song!

  22. dude! i love u! wat u just taught me sounds realy legit…ive been wanting to persue a carrer in phsycology field for about 2 years now..im 14…thnx alot…gonna try it on my friends at skool…hopefully i dont mess up

  23. Been following your vids for a year now, re-viewing them from time to time and it’s helping alot.

    Interesting choice of music at the end too, hahahaha.

    Keep up the goods!

  24. And?

  25. this vid really helped

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