“How can NLP help change limiting beliefs?

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23. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. ah that’s great to know about doing it 5-25 times in quick succession and noting your internal voice to see if its working. and yep understood about the confidence vs competence thing. Awesome! – thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. Also develop the competence to back up the confidence…. get it?

  3. that when you think about it you naturally hear yourself saying “that’s possible” or “I can see myself doing that now” and the feeling changes from before one of doubt to now one of greater certainty. Realise that what you are doing is looking to re-code your experience, i.e. how the brain works. Also it is worth noting that if it is a skill you are trying to acquire that someone can be confident at something but not competent.. if it is a skill you are going after, it is important that you

  4. Hi Nimbleful, the brain learns fast when you instruct it well. So you are better doing it 5-25 times in quick succession, you know when you’ve done it well because the other things will change like for example, one may be the internal language phrase you now find yourself automatically using. So before the phrase that came up when you thought about X limiting belief is “I can’t do (fill in the blank)” to after doing the submodality contrast analysis and swishing it in to place 20+ times you find

  5. Hi! thanks for this great video 🙂 I’m wondering – roughly how often would you say a person should repeat the exercise of visualizing the limiting belief as far away/ small /black and white etc? Once a day? more? and how many days would you estimate it can take before the limiting belief shifts in the average case?

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