How I Stopped Being Shy in 10 minutes former shy guy and anxiety sufferer Mark Shepard share how he first used NLP to clear a lifetime of shyness & social anxiety in just a few minutes.
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06. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Well, if they really wanted to get help they would find a way to pay for it. Just because he has posted some videos on youtube & actually cares about his job does not mean that people should expect him to work for free. His time is valuable and he is not wrong for wanting to be compensated. Everybody in the entire world who works goes to work Monday morning with the thought that they are helping customers. And everybody would be totally upset if the customer decided to stiff them.

  2. This doesn’t sound like Yoda talking.

  3. OMG! I need this so bad! God Ive been searching so long for help!

  4. Well, if you really want to give this awesome thing to other people, just make 10 videos for free. That won’t cost you or them anything! Great idea, hunh?

  5. It’s all comes back from ur parents the way they raised U

  6. I was where you are now and I was shy before that too but I reversed , well not really reversed more like changed, but leading staff of 800 people hands on and an amazing speaker and listener for literally decades everything was going on but my life changed enormously , it became very ecclesiastical .When something is soooo right yet it originates and breeds from something so wrong you have perfection understanding hope and respect but you also have vanity …uncomfortable vanity ….

  7. Belief restructuring is an interesting topic for me, more so because I have a strong interest in epistemology and how that influences our behavior (a philosophy student!). I think that folk psychology has failed and that NLP offers are refreshing perspective into how the mind works. Not enough for me to want to fork over money I don’t have for a seminar, but I’m glad that those who are able and are fully committed have somewhere to go for support. 🙂

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