How I Used Persuasion Techniques to NOT Get My Ass Kicked by an Angry Jamaican Drug Dealer

I accidentally pointed my camera at this drug dealer, which pissed him off, but I was able to talk him down and have him laughing in seconds. Since I caught the whole thing on video, I have broken it down here second by second to explain what was happening in my head and what I did. – Attract. Influence. Inspire.

04. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. @groovekiller Hah, that’s awesome! Totally real man.

  2. is this real or is it staged? cos it looks a little staged

  3. @Zcarbon Thanks man! I will make more as they come up for sure. It’s fun!

  4. Hey, really cool video. Really articulate and accurate. I like your view on taking a leadership role without being controlling or anything. Just keep making videos and more views and stuff will come together.

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