How Is PSTEC Better Than EFT?

Visit this link to download: Use the FREE PSTEC audios to regain your peace of mind. Releasing negative emotions with PSTEC is even faster and easier than using EFT.More effective than EFT. More effective than NLP for resolving negative emotions. This is truly a breakthrough – get you copy today! Click the link below to download: “The best invention in the mental health field since acupuncture and repetitive knocking on pressure points, period. No medications come close and certainly no therapeutic procedures come close.” – Kaben Starre: Hypnotherapist – Arizona. (Genuine independent assessment made after using the system over a period of several months with real clients in his USA practice) *** Private Phone Coaching *** If you’d like more information on 1-1 coaching with PSTEC, feel free to visit my website at
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22. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @EFT4MeDebi Thanks for the heads up! I watched through the video and saw the hand waving for the first time. I’ll have to fix that up sometime soon.

  2. I got to work with Gary 3 yrs ago when he sponsored us Vets 4 the documentary on PTSD. I was able to release over 20 yrs of Anxiety & Nightmares. So I know how powerful it really is. I’m willing to try this other technique because I m reversed on about 4 other things. May I suggest you re-record this video (please don’t take offense) because when U wave your hands like this, it screws up your message. Sorry. Some might blow it off because it seems your not serious (distracting as well) Namaste

  3. @wddenis3 In order for you to know you have a problem, there has to be some kind of trigger for it. For example, a person may not know why they have a phobia of dogs, but when they see a dog, they get anxious – in this case, the dog would be the trigger for the uncomfortable feelings. Write down a list of possible triggers (not necessarily memories) and then use PSTEC as you think about the triggers. Hope this helps!

  4. What happens when you the intense emotions but no specific memories…even though I know how they got there…by the way I have all the PSTEC as well…thanks

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