How to be a player: Player Supreme discusses that first 4 seconds

1. It’s vitally important that you look sharp. That means dress a level above everyone else in the environment that your going to. 2. If your overweight then you need to lose it. A small waist is a common measurement tool of how folks will evaluate you. 3. Be aware of your nonverbal communications. Some researchers believe nonverbal is 93% of your communications, where as others claim it’s between 50 to 80%. 4. NLP mirroring techniques help reduce non-acceptance issues. 5. Be a person of power and influence by showing a real and active interest in her. Establish your rapport by good listening skills. 6. I always say get her life story. Find out her values and beliefs during your conversation. This shows her that you are a real and a deep person. http
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23. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @ThePlayerSupremeshow lmao!! Player, YOU ARE THE FUCKING MAN!!!! You are a great teacher of how to be. You, my late dad, and people your age, I feel like yall are the last generation that have the man gene without the bitchassness.

    one luv

  2. Is it possible to pull off the glasses look? The kind needed for vision. I get insurance in the next month and I can get contacts but I think a cooler pair of glasses might be alright too.What’s your opinion because I respect it?

  3. @Goopunchlive Nope sorry didn’t see it. 90’s was my 30’s and I was fucking too much.

  4. @fexem33 both of my son’s who go to clubs wear them in a lose fashion. I never did but it seems the young cats are doing that. Its a trendy thing.

  5. is wearing a tie in a nightclub a good thing or a bad thing.

  6. I like the scan you in 4 seconds and determines everything about you part. lol. I seen that in the Tisha Campbell movie called, SPRUNG, back in the mid 90’s. Not sure if you saw it but theres a scene where her and her friend went to a party and her friend was a ho, lol, but you were right. She looked at each guy there and scan them like terminator. It was interesting. From the watch he wore, to the shoe brand, to the tie style he wore, to the suit brand, the type of car he had from his key chain


  8. to cut things short find out her values and beliefs then sel them back to her later 😀

  9. forget the comment player just read the description…….

  10. hey player it cut off at # 3. do another vid to do the last 3 tips…..

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