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09. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. not so sure Tony Robbins & Co. are successful because they “use NLP” … I think they are successful because they “sell NLP” via seminars etc. 🙂

  2. I went from 900 to 90.000 in seconds, so thank you!

    Q:What if the problem is a person? (family member, whom I love, so he can’t ‘disappear’)

  3. @magicmomm … fun 😀

  4. Hey — that was FUN! Thank you I appreciate it — and now I have a double the amount in my bank account — in seconds. Love it!

  5. yOU’RE good man. Really good. Thanks for changing lives in magical ways.

  6. You forget to mention how important is to break state after you done swish ..

  7. @stephenmartile WHAT THE FUCKKK

  8. @kieran9385:

    I have an article that talks about this. Go to my blog
    and look up “power of the subconscious mind”


  9. @Sassiethai:

    It will take affect right away if done correctly.


  10. how long before this works??

  11. Hi Steven, I have tried your swish pattern and yet i have trouble visualising or creating internal pictures. I tend to do think in words and not images. Is there any way i can develop my ability to create images?

  12. @atulthakur07:

    I wouldn’t use the *swish* technique specifically to be more fit… for long term goals (6+ months) you may want to focus on a picture of well being that makes you feel good. It takes a bit of practice to find the right image, but ultimately the only way to know if it’s taken affect in your subconscious is by the way you feel when you see the image.


  13. Excellent presentationa and explaination. Thanks.
    How do u visualize oneself to be more fit, more thin and more flexible using this process.

  14. @Isteinier:

    Then make sure to check out this article I wrote last week on the 101 Best Personal Growth Books

  15. That’s really cool. I’d really like to know more about NLP, any free sites or books you’d recommend about this subject?

  16. okay, i i see 10,000 dolars…how is that going to change the fact that is 1,000?

  17. Henry Ford’s comment is wrong, “being aware” of what you are thinking is hard to do. Everybody is always “thinking.” Unless they become enlightened like the buddha and go into No thought/no Mind and go into pure awareness with no thought. But then again, he says “engaging” in it, so that could mean “becoming aware” and he is most likely talking about “critical thinking.”

  18. oh on earth as me thinking about having money in my bank going to make it magically appear?

  19. Yeah. Another swish and I start writing check with money I don’t have in my account..

  20. How would I applied this exercise to personal issues. Thanks.

  21. OK, I just did this. I see £2700 in my account, as a start off. Dont know why that amount, but I see that for now. So I will keep on practicing this until it happens. I can see. So I believe it,so it should happen.

  22. I liked this a lot,but i’d like it in some other example,cuz i myself don’t have a bank account ,being 15 years old.But Still,Really Cool Video.

  23. I get the purpose of the swish pattern. I don’t get the the purpose of your example though. If people do your example and it really works it could potentially be dangerous. I understand the the feeling better part, I just wouldn’t want someone to overdraft.

  24. I really don’t understand this part…

  25. Great video my friend. Definitely would love to learn more about NLP.
    Meanwhile check out my site and let me know your thoughts

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