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07. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @EenGedachte: yeah, that Homer Simpson one is good 🙂

  2. I’ve seen several videos and I love them. Your advice is really solid. Besides that, I laughed for like 10 minutes about the silliness of changing someones voice to Homer Simpsons voice. Pure genius.

    Keep it up.

  3. @nickintp my dad has been quite cruel to me in the past. i never quite understand it because i am sure he loves me yet he can also be quite cruel. Anyway great that college helped you. sometimes being aroudn group of friendly people can be very healing.

  4. @Simon0
    I just hope that you go to college and break free from the chains that your family try to lock you up in. That’s what happened to me. College set me free from all of the negatively in my life. My own family is the poison and the road they tried to put my on was one that they can look down on so that they can feel good about themselves and not feel like a complete failure in comparison to the failure that they tried to make of me. I no longer care for them… they are like retards.

  5. This is what helped me from an abusive father… whenever he tells me something like… I’m stupid… I just respond by saying…. Well dad. Look at your own shitty life and how fucked up it turned out to be…. you think your opinion is worth for shit???

    To be honest, I haven’t found any successful person being negative, only failures tend to be negative and drag others down with them so that they don’t feel too bad about themselves.

  6. I love this technique! I took a Psychology of Personal Effectiveness class that taught “reframing” which is exactly what you’re advising! Its very cool because there are many ways to do it. I find your technique works wonders!

  7. That’s incredible, thankyou very much!

  8. i need some one like this to advice me

  9. Great video

  10. this was very enlightening. I realised i automatically believe to be true whatever my mum says to me! great video. next time gotta put that negative voice in a homer voice! haha.

  11. Just wanted to try something and see how it works out, so here it goes… on Monday, October 4th 2010 compliment 5 people you don’t know and forward this message to friends. Let’s see how far this spreads.

  12. You are awesome!!!! Thank you!!! :)))) Great technic!

  13. This video didn’t help me, it only offended me by talking about my dead mother 🙁

  14. @Digzezimaox Hahaha this caught me by surprise

    This is an excellent technique and your absolutely right about the tone! When I have something I am in bad habit of I start acknowledging it in funny high and low voices until it’s so ridiculous and desensitized it doesn’t mean anything.

  15. @Digzezimaox Hahaha this caught me by surprise

  16. Very good technique. Will try it

  17. @cosmicsparkle:

    Your welcome 🙂


  18. thanks for the advice… =)

  19. @draganamirkovic7 I’m not necessarily disagreeing with you but I can tell you’re a negative nancy yourself. There’s a difference between discerning and judging – you seem to like to judge. Not exactly on a straight road to positivity buddy.

  20. check out my video on dealing with haters i have alot of them LOL

  21. This technique is beyond retarded. Complete waste of time. The problems associated with people feeling an affinity towards negative people is a serious lack of self-esteem and self love. The only way to get those negative voices and negative people out of your life is to get out of the negative rut you’re in and believing in yourself.

  22. ur an idiot! lol Just kidding lol great video

  23. thats just women though i guess

  24. @03mrobinson:

    I know exactly what you’re talking about 😉

  25. good thing i watched till the end because when you said picture your mothers voice lol my mothers the one who passes uneccery comments :L

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