How to do Autogenic Training (Meditation, Self-hypnosis, Stress Manangement) We teach hypnosis, nlp, meditation and mindfulness based stress reduction. See our class schedule or DVD educational courses. Autogenic Trianing is a useful technique
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14. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Hey guys, what do you think about this website? HSECRETS[dot]TK. It exposes a lot of advanced conversational hypnosis techniques so i’m really interested, and you should be too =p

  2. Didn’t help me.

  3. Could this just be a fancy name for hypnosis / guided relaxation?

  4. Autogenetics helped me during childbirth to reduce the labor pains.
    It reduced my blood pressure reading significantly.

  5. Okay, but Yolaine Stout saw God by doing this.

  6. youtube should give me 30 minutes then….

  7. Thank-you!

  8. Out of all the other self meditation videos on Youtube, your videos are my favorite.

  9. Richard this is incredible. I was doing some very strenuous activities today and I felt quite sore, and I followed your suggestions in this and I feel 100% better. It’s very cool, if a little bit creepy. Keep it up.

  10. You shouldn`t finish this practice so suddenly. You have to wake up from this relaxation in this way: strecthing your arms and legs, and slowly opening your eyes. Just like when you wake up after sleeping. It is as important as getting relaxed.

  11. Just favored this so I can work on it everyday!!!


  12. Awesome, it is the most useful technique I have ever discovered….

  13. I bought the DVD, and am just starting the 5th week. I wanted to say thanks, dude, I can finally meditate.

  14. No one cannot die from relaxation

  15. Have u ever heard autogenic death?

  16. Yes, Autogenic Training has some roots in forms of yoga

  17. It is very similar to yoga nidra.

  18. this is so great i never knew it existed

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