How To Gain Instant Confidence With Anchors

How to use anchoring as it’s called (or conditioned responses) to gain instant confidence or tap into any state you want.

29. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @wetlazer Not really because it’s a bunch of process and techniques that would take way too long to explain on a YouTube video and also will be different from person to person./ There really isn’t a cookie cutter method.

  2. @timbrownson Other techniques you say, such as? Do you have a video about such an issue?

  3. @wetlazer Yep, you hit the biggest obstacle right there. There are ways round it using other techniques, but you’ll struggle with anchoring. Sorry 🙁

  4. What about times when you attempt to find an emotion but you can’t? I suppose the way I mean to say it is, what about self doubts?

    You think “I want to think of a time when I felt happy, confident, intelligent, or whatever, but the “gatekeeper” says “You’re not really feeling the feeling or you’re not feeling that feeling enough.”

    So all the questioning gets in the way of feeling the feeling you need to build the anchor.

  5. @TuRdSandwitch18 and paul mckenna says pretty much the exact same things in his book

  6. @poopcanoop As long as they are clearly defined and different from one an other, you can have as many as you want.

  7. How many anchors should someone set at a time? Or whats the typical amount?

  8. I absolutely needed this today not only informative but he is funny.

  9. it’s pretty difficult not to like this guy…

  10. Thanks, Tim!
    Very helpful.

  11. How outrageous that I’m replying to this 5 months late! Sorry.

    In answer to your question. Yes you can do that!

  12. Thanks for the tip. Like your delivery.

  13. Scantily clad on the weekends? You must be my next door neighbor!

    Seriously though, can this be used in conjuction with the How To Say No video? Like, I have someone ask me to do something that I can easily say no to and attach an achor to that??

  14. naaaiiice one

  15. oh! so is this like (so i’ve noticed) that in like a bruce lee movie, he licks his thumb? he tends to win the fight..
    (random example) lol

  16. Thanks for the video. I will try this. If this really works then it would be really great to use it with a music. Listen to some music that makes you feel great and all pumped up and anchor it and use this anchor when you need to. 🙂

  17. r u aware u look like paul mckenna?

  18. Anybody else ever see a commercial and think, “Wow, they deliberately made this to appeal to an emotional anchor.. (ie a family acting happy together)” It’s gotten to a point where I can’t watch tv anymore.

  19. Nice video Tim, great humor, very useful information.

  20. Thanks, Tim! I forgot how useful anchors can be. I have enough negative anchors set. ;o)

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