How to get motivated – quickly and easily Ever wish you could be more motivated? Then watch this video to learn how to get motivated using this very quick and highly effective strategy.
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25. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. He is saying STOP demotivating yourself. Kind of like when you have to speak in public, the more you think about it the more stressed you may become. Don’t do that and you wont be stressed. So don’t think about tasks and you wont become demotivated. You are in control of your thoughts. Can you think of a purple cow? Of course you can. Now begin training your mind to develop new habits. Such as not thinking about things that demotivate you. Just do it.

  2. And may I ask How to MAINTAIN my motivation and attention?
    Some physical action spent a long time to do, like writing an essay or doing exercise, how can I keep the best state to finish it?

  3. Yeah, I have try a lot of NLP tool, like sub-modalities, NBG ……etc to motivated myself, but do not work very well.
    Then I found that immediately do the next action is the best and simple way.
    GTD suggest that too.

  4. The description contradicts the video.

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