How to get really good at anything – a powerful NLP “meta strategy” – How to get good at anything (powerful meta strategy that saves time and speeds up results). Follow the strategy outlined in this video to help accelerate whatever result you are after, from achieving a long held goal to mastering a new discipline.
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03. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Once you’ve identified the pattern that produces the result the next step is “OK, what and how will I change in order to produce a different feeling?” and this is usually quite easy. The obvious solution is don’t let the old pattern run, so think different thoughts. To learn more about using NLP on yourself, check out “Using NLP on yourself to create more of the life you want” at my site nlptimes .com

  2. So if you want to gain more intentional choice over your states, begin to bring awareness to the ways and specific sequence you have habiutated to – to produce for example the “down, down” result. Something(s) needed to happen to produce that result – you may be using a specific poor internal voice tone, with a series of “negative” movies etc in a looping fashion that creates that feeling. If you say “Tom, it literally just happens” then there will be an anchor fired off to produce that.

  3. Hi daddycubjudah, if I’ve understood you correctly, your question is how to manage your state – to know both how you get into good states and presumably avoid when you are down, being down. If so then a good place to start is becoming aware of how you produce the specific state results. In the NLP worldview we presume everything that a human being can do is a behaviour. Therefore from an NLP perspective the state results you describe are a result of a specific sequence of thought-feeling-actions

  4. Great job my friend! I’ve got this issue where I don’t always know how I get into state. I equate it with with finding myself on top of a mountain I didn’t climb. Just there and I ride it out but when I’m down, I’m down. Any advice?

  5. good stuff 🙂 thanks!

  6. Hi Anthobush, you asked about what book would I reccommend for a new person looking to learn NLP. First and foremost NLP is an attitude. It’s not about techniques, they come way down the line. So a good first book to read is ” Conversations: Freedom Is Everything & Love Is All the Rest” by Richard Bandler and Owen Fitzpatrick. It’s a very accessible book and Richard’s book “Get the life you want” is a good book for having techniques you can run on yourself to help create changes. Hope that helps

  7. @NLPTimes Sorry about that but I seriously never would have guessed. Might be all the tonality training you’ve done. Good luck against Roscommon on sunday anyhow :). If you don’t mind, could you suggest what book on NLP would be the best to read first for a beginner? I have purchased several Bandler & Grinder books but i’m not sure where to begin.

  8. Hi AnthoBush, glad you like the video. I’m from Cork. 🙂

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