How To Have More Self Confidence We aim to directly assist you to get more self confidence, more self esteem into your life. The direct methods and techniques we use are from the fields of NLP and hypnosis, and are usually very effective in improving self confidence and self esteem so please do not hesitate to contact us today. This kind of work is really best described as a blend of ‘self esteem education’ and ‘self confidence training’, rather than therapy. It is about working with the way that you think and feel about yourself and the world to help you to be able to go into more resourceful states both automatically, and at will. This isn’t just us telling you what to do, the work is very experiential. We work with you to get you to literally experience taking more control of your imagination with the aim of training your mind to think in ways that fill you with feelings of self confidence.
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14. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. I never feel confident! <.<

  2. Thank You for this video! I think it’ll definetly be helpful when school starts again..

  3. nice 007 james bond book in the back 😀

  4. @johnnydk24 only during rough sex?

  5. by yourself ?

  6. Just subscribed to your channel. Love what you have to say. Pennie

  7. I’m confident.
    until I see a ugly picture off me they tag me in, and then I feel like a ugly bitch again.

  8. @Pinknut16 mate look at me i was shy. i stopped caring nd stepped up. Your 16 and im 18. I stopped being shy when i was 17 by creating role models for example if Jesus was in my position or goku then theyd confront whatever situation they have and i must do the same. I just started uni and iv made friends after 5 days. Well i actually talk about myself say hi, talk to the teacher or lecturer. Trust me mate everyone is shy, nobody is born with it. Chewing gum helps a lot as wel


  10. @Pinknut16 Sure people like you! You got to show yourself to them first! If you show them your UNCONFIDENT and SHY and AWKWARD side, thats not you! You sure dont feel shy here on youtube by posting that message and asking for help! Show them the OPEN side of you and people will like you! that means be the REAL yourself and dont think there is a STRATEGY to get friends… it will just happen by being nice to the people you want to be friends with! 😉

  11. she has a james bond book and sounds like his superior

  12. Hi I’m 16 I have no confidence and extremely shy which is why I have no friends which makes me feel worse in myself to think that no one likes me! I’m moving to a new school and country is there anything I can do that will help make friends and actually be happy at school??? I feel very isolated how can I gain more self confidence???

  13. @huddzgiant1 the irony is, that if you speak with more confidence people will actually enjoy your accent rather than making fun of it.

  14. This video rocks.
    I was the most shyest, least self confident person on earth.
    My friends ditched me, and I never had the confidence to confront them, resulting in me being miserable for three years. It didn’t help that I had a problem with the muscles in my throat and couldn’t talk coherently. I gave up talking altogether because I was scared of people making fun of my voice.

    But now I speak up more confidentally and now have lots of wonderful supporting friends.

  15. @CoverProductionz well…it was scary, especially becoz i went first xx but i used yer advice nd it wasnt so bad, then i volanteered to do another speech in one of my other classes 😀 so im not scared 2 do it no more , thank uu <3

  16. @huddzgiant1 how was your speech? 🙂

  17. @TheHugeRedButton oh thank you, ill just try that, wow you helped me just on time too because my speech is tomorrow, thanks alot and thank you, your cool too xx

  18. @huddzgiant1
    It’s often helpful to look just over your clasmates heads-Everybody’ll think you’re loóking straight into the class- But in fact, you aren’t.^^
    Also, try to practice often and remember that everybody in class is “just” human as well- Could they have done better? No? See?;)

    PS: I’m not too confident either (English is not my first language, I hope you’ll understand me though) ^^
    And I think a yorkshire accent is cool:)

  19. @huddzgiant1 coz i live in cornwall 🙁

  20. i have a yorkshire accent and everyone at school makes fun of it 🙁 and tht makes me less confident…

  21. I feel confident when i game :p

  22. @ThatHaloGuy117 what’s wrong with a british accent? i have onee?

  23. ok can someone help me out…im 14 and i have a speaking assesment at my school but im really scared…i have to stand in front of a class and do a speech, how do i become confident in doing it and how do i sound confident in doing it….someone help me plz 🙁

  24. Thank you so much for this video! You offered very helpful, honest advice.

  25. this iis really good…

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