How To Notice Women’s Responses To Seduce Them Fast to get Ross Jeffries as your personal seduction expert, teacher and mentor. In this “swipe” from his coaching program, RJ advises a student on how to notice a woman’s responses and use those responses to seduce her.

19. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. I never seen this video till I read upon other subjects about hypnosis and sleep paralysis and OBE’s. One thing I noticed here that Ross mentioned actually happened. The eye contact of shifting one eye to another :O ross a genius.

  2. Hitch, totally not-african american Hitch

  3. lesbians already know all of this.

  4. Ross is the boss

  5. why not just get her drunk?

  6. @WonderWomanFan4life jesus christ woman whats your problem? are you a virgin? you have lack of sex? you remind me of those women that bitch about everything that they cant take advantage of. and GTFO this is a video where men learn not yp women bitch about their sad sad life

  7. Good info. Thanks.

  8. I watched and enjoyed the video

  9. @RoyalHim
    totally he’s like someones perverted old ass great grandpa trying to feel up some cheerleaders or young women under 20.. i cant imagine him having sex with anyone other than a blow up doll. seriously i bet he has some REAL dolls.. thats the only REAL women he knows..

  10. yeah she likes Justin Beiber and you still on Perry Como. LOL thats funny you really know about wahts happening bro. Like was TV even invented when you were a kid? Old man where are your great grandkids?? do they know you are on here??? please

  11. hail the God amongst men.

  12. so what if you dont want to just have sex with her…. just asking i mean it seems that all this is about taking her to bed. not thats this is bad advice

  13. @irishmagic88 nice embedded command babe.


  15. I believe we should act normal and not fake and Gay.If they don’t like it then fuck em!

  16. This is absolutely a joke and his approach is very biased. I don’t see how valuable this would be to anyone. Relationship should be mutual and consensual not a trick to sexually exploit women or take advantage of them. His method actually sets up any relationship to failure. I personally took it as a problem that tries to objectify women – brutally.

  17. @irishmagic88
    now thats some impressive nlp language. but it lacks a good build up you went from something really normall to something deeper. but i still like it and i also agree with you, the power of language is amazing theres nothing like it.

  18. Ross is one cool dude.

  19. @RoyalHim …loooool

  20. @irishmagic88 And what do you teach?

  21. @eddiedaskull he’s the original unlike many jocks who are trying to debase him. i have yet to find a video of any of his failures when he’s in the field.

  22. Ross is a retard, where’s the ladies Ross?

  23. Ross is giving you bits of nonsense that you can only go to him for. He never teaches HOW to create powerful language. There are so many other ways to get a handle on the structures of language that make life just melt into your hands. But this takes effort, discipline and self respect. Some people scoff at me and say “you don’t know shit” and yet as people read this, noticing the points i’m trying to make, realizing certain things, you may rightly be wondering, “What if he’s right?”

  24. Interesting video….i read a book by a dating coach/ pick up artist a month ago and it changed my life with women, ive read a lot of pick up books and this one has the best material. check out revampyourgame(dot)com if your interested

  25. ahhh where have you been Ross??? its sooo good to hear the master’s voice again. I hate this dupe that Yates Canipe has put on with some jackoff named Scott Bolan.

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