How to Perform Self-Love Hypnosis – Monday’s Affirmation: Meditation, NLP, TonyaTko Technique

Having a hard time forgiving or loving yourself or other people? Try something NEW with me. If you have any bit of doubt about the way things are going try my NEW technique of modern self hypnosis mixed with Meditation & NLP. Come along with me as I take you on a visual mental journey. By the end you will feel better GUARANTEED!!! Please leave feedback below for me… I’d like to hear your experience/feedback on this technique… Please tell me how you felt both before & after you did this with me. Please favorite so you can find this again. I LOVE YOU! See me LIVE on the I Come First Tour Please comment rate & subscribe Join my website http Add me on Facebook follow me on twitter
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01. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. @yingjiangjp WOW! Keep us up to date k?



  2. You won’t believe it – When you said in the video “good things will come to me, good things will happen to me”, a man whom I admire and respect called me… it is not a coincident, it is your power!

  3. i couldn’t meditate to her quidence, it’s the way she talks…

  4. I broke down …. in tears… 🙁

  5. It made me feel better about myself!

  6. great intentions….

  7. I love your work. Self affirmation has really worked for myself. Thanks Tonya for coaching others on how to love ourselves. You are such a blessing.

  8. I started crying so hard I was shaking. Thank you I feel more free, I think that’s the right word for it. Thank soo much:)

  9. God stop yelling, you need to be more relaxing.

  10. you are beautiful. thank you. i was feeling depressed that i get up in the bed at 1 am, i couldn’t even hardly breath a while ago. but now i feel better. thanks

  11. Great video, very beautiful vision =). You’re a very wise and warm person and you have a very fresh perspective on things. I love you and i’m glad i found your videos. God bless you Tonya.

  12. i try so hard wen i look back to not see that darck room but in thi distance it’s stil ther and i can stil feel the pain

  13. Thank you so much! I feel sooo relax!!! Really got into the visualization 🙂

  14. I have issues with self esteem….I hope i’ll get rid of it soon…Thanks so much..that was really helpful….

  15. very good video

  16. just saw this video, great vibes and more! Thanks.

  17. nice, thank you, great reminder to take time to love your self

  18. This visualization is just beautiful! Thank you!

  19. that was amazing…

  20. Thank you so, sooo much Tonya. I could not finish the visualization as I started crying thinking (still crying) about those unfortunate and unwanted events in my childhood. I will definitely try this again.

    Merci beaucoup. This is one of the best video I’ve across in a while.


  21. hi tonya you are so amazing and i love your this me more in this .bye love


  22. i m goinf to do this every day, this video makes me relaxed.

  23. @SpottedTiger89 Thank you sweetie. Please promise me that you’ll come back and do this every day for 21 days… after that you should be re-programmed.

    But if you ever have thoughts of harming yourself or others, pls seek immediate local counsel. Get this under control while you have the power to… and stick with it, EVEN when you feel you are healed. Remember the BEST time to advertise is when you still have business. Dont wait till desperation to seek help.

    Luv Yu!!


  24. Before watching this, I felt really low. I was just going through a moment of extreme self-hate and I don’t know what led me to this video, but i found it and I listened to it and I feel better. I’m really battling with this self-hate issue and I have a hard time loving myself and believing that I can be loved, but this really helped and it put better, less toxic thoughts in my mind. Thank you.

  25. i am so greatful for you. may God bless you with all your heart’s desire. this was healing to my soul.

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