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10. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. What ever you used worked out great for the vid! Keep them coming!

  2. This video is wrong. Hypnosis only works if you want it to work. You cannot do anything you do not want to do. It is based on belief. If you want to quit smoking you can’t imagine it away, you have to use will power. If you believe you can quit smoking you are using will power not imagination. It has nothing to do with a subconscious mind, just belief. You believe in yourself, don’t you? If you didn’t believe in yourself you wouldn’t quit smoking. It is very simple, really.

  3. very dutch!


    30billionaireschangingtheworld dot kom

  5. @UniversalAbundance69 i think dutch

  6. Is he indian?!

  7. @HennoGarvey I completely disagree with what you just said. Your telling me somthing is disconcerningly wrong with buddhist monks and individuals who could care less for paper with numbers on it. I literally could care less for a nice car, big screen tv, not really needed huge house and loads of wealth. I only desire to accomplish my dream and no where in that dream am I a rich asshole. You live life once how is driving a nice car somthing great to remember at your death bed.

  8. Don’t dismiss the subconcious mind. Have you ever wondered why some people drive porsches and live in penthouse suites while others get public transport and live in council houses?
    Your answer is there for, just study the powers of your subconcious.
    You can continue to eat cheap takeaways or choose to eat in a nice resteraunt.
    You can choose to shop at Primark or you can shop at Armani.
    Why can some people live well and others cannot?
    It really is simple.
    I should know.

  9. shut it already…watch it for help not to critisize his tips.

  10. @butthead6886 yea word

  11. uhhhhhhhhhh what?
    any1 get anything outa this? can some1 jus make list and underline the imporantthings? this dude is lame

  12. Hungarian bullcrap!

  13. Understanding through metaphor, self-reflexivity…

  14. why is it total bullshit,,,,
    your comment on how to tap into the sub mind

  15. What a lot of total bullshit!

  16. organic chemistry bitch organic fucking chemistryyyyyyyyyyyy

  17. Hey, i recognized your voice, you have videos on getting your x back. Now this !!!!!

  18. ppft, I was half asleep after 20 seconds

  19. Hungarian.

  20. hes pro, ive read his books

  21. yes i agree…load in some music brother…

  22. their are plenty of other videos out there Mynigga,

  23. No Offence, I’m sure this video is great, but i almost fell asleep after 2 mins, so plz, get sum music, and som one with nice tone to talk, so we can concentrate better…

  24. can this get rid of phobias?

  25. cool but what kind of accent does he have?

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