How to Use Conversational Hypnosis To Rob Someone Part 1. (High Quality)

Learn to do it yourself: A lot of people have asked me about conversational hypnosis, nlp, mind control techniques, psychological tricks, how to hypnotize someone, a friend, your boss, your dog, anybody really, how is it really done, how to be able to influnce someone to obey your commands, what’s the real secret. Well, my personal secret is a combination between my pasion for the human mind and how it works and the material found in the link above. I really hope you guys get to master hypnotizing someone or just playing mind tricks on them, its challenging, fun and a great experience to have. Good luck!

10. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. aww man, that guy was on a date man now whats he gonna do

  2. lol, never let a stranger touch you taht much.

    It’s ironic, good pickpocketing actually requires that you make direct contact and a lot of interaction, while a bad pickpocket just wants to do it as quickly as possible and with as little contact

  3. you devil lol

  4. Darren is amazing. So cool.

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