How To Use The Power of NLP to Overcome Your Problems

How To Use The Power of NLP to Overcome Your Problems

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a type of personal change and an approach to psychotherapy. It is based upon the thought that there is a correlation between patterns of behavior and personal experiences. In other words, a trauma that occurred in your past can directly affect your thoughts and feelings in the present-day and in the future.

I first became aware of NLP when I was in my early thirties and needed to visit a dentist for a horrible toothache. For much of my adult life, I had avoided dentists because of a horrible childhood experience with a dentist. Anytime I sat in a dentist chair, I experienced horrific panic attacks that included shortness of breath and heart palpitations. The pain from my toothache was finally worse than my fear of the dentist office. When I called to schedule my appointment, I told the receptionist that I was terrified and asked if I could be prescribed a sedative to take before my visit. She informed me they did not give unnecessary drugs and recommended I see a therapist that could put me through a short neuro-linguistic program to rid me of my dental phobia.

After explaining my financial woes to the therapist, she gave me several different NLP books to try. The books contained numerous different types of NLP exercises that are used in therapist offices. These included the Fast Phobia Cure, which cured me of my dental phobia, and the Circle of Excellence, which enabled me to achieve my goals in my work. I was able to find the exercises and different methods that worked for me. NLP is based on the principle that everyone is different and needs their own neuro-linguistic program.

NLP won’t solve every single problem that I have, but it does give me the tools and resources to identify my different thinking structures, and to pattern and tailor those to fit my life situations. I have found the books and CDs available have been effective for me. I am able to learn the techniques at my own pace. They work and are easy to learn.

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