How to Visualize – Self-Awareness and the Five Senses The How to Visualize Series includes the following audio files * How to Visualize – Self Awareness and the Fives Senses – Visualization techniques designed to awaken and vivify your perceptions through all of your sensory faculties (49 minute mp3 audio program). * How to Visualize – The Visual Submodalities of Perception – Visualization techniques drawing specifically upon NLP perception models designed to encompass a full spectrum of information processing and how this affects physiological and emotional states (45 minute mp3 audio program). * How to Visualize – Time and Space Imagery – Experience how perceptions of time and space affect the ways that information is coded into your mind / body while understanding how linguistically this also occurs unconsciously during communication (48 minute mp3 audio program).

23. July 2011 by Admin
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