Hypnosis and NLP: Advanced Sports Imagery for Athletes iPhone / iPad App

iPhone app: apps.mobbase.com Android app: pending MP3: attentionshifting.myshopify.com www.michaeljemery.com ***** This + practice = winning “Every athlete should be using this! Emery’s stuff is right on.” – b *breakaway* j ***** Advanced Sports Imagery “This is great! Emery’s voice is perfect and I use these mp3s almost every day!” – Sammie ***** really helps with basketball “don’t use this program – unless youre on my team!!!! my boys and i have been using this stuff all summer in preparation for basketball season… were gonna do it! ive gotta say mike is the coolest. he emails you back and everything. thanks man!” – Josh Advanced Sports Imagery for Athletes is a 26-part audio program series for athletes that will teach you how to apply the best techniques in the fields of guided imagery, sports psychology, self-hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Prior to a sports-related competition, more athletes than not have already prepared themselves to lose — not win, because they are not aware of the ways to do otherwise… Of course, it makes sense that if an athlete wants to win consistently there are important things to do on the outside (physically) and on the inside (mentally) to succeed, right? In most sports, the majority of the emphasis is placed upon outer game skills such as physical conditioning, endurance training, and exercises related to a specific sport. The inner game is a bit more elusive… Exceptional athletes at every level tend to develop
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  1. Please make one for android,

    All my teammates friends got android

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