Hypnosis – Convincer Technique for Hypnotic Induction

Michael Watson, training for Salad Ltd, demonstrates a great convincer technique that also serves as a quick hypnotic induction…and Michael never misses the opportunity to add a useful post hypnotic suggestion! This clip was taken from Salad’s Certified Neo-Ericksonian Training 2007, full details of the next training can be seen at salad.infusionsoft.com

19. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. Clever

  2. This is it. When I think about casual trance inductions permissive and gentle. It is Jamie Smart NLP Salad that comes to mind. Conversational every day trance. This is the perfect example.

  3. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard this explanation. Most students and teachers of the mind use unconscious and subconscious interchangably. who did you learn this from? I don’t believe I would have any difficulty in accepting this new frame but many will not be so accepting.

  4. I almost fell asleep during it… in a good way! it was awesome im practicing it right now!

  5. Great work man!

  6. i kinda got carried with!

  7. This is used in pseudo hypnosis (dirty trick but I used it as well in the hard cases).

    However your unconscious mind doesn’t produce dreams that’s you subconscious mind. It seems that many people mix these up. Your unconscious part regulates the physical body (heart rate, rate of breathing, blood pressure and so forth). The unconscious mind can’t be tapped in to.

    Conscious, Critical Factor, Subconscious, Unconscious, that’s the 4 parts. You only deal directly with the first 3 in hypnoses.

  8. Very Nice

  9. Nice demonstration!

  10. Very smooth & slick way to work in a convincer. I’ve been through several different NLP & hypnosis trainings , but this is the first time anyone has pointed out that if your eyes are rolled up, you physically cannot open your eyelids.

  11. I agree….BAM!

  12. Nice variation on the Elman technique! good vid.

  13. As always your on the money as they say, when it comes to showing that directing the mind is no big deal! This is a secret Freud’s nephew Edward Bernaise used overnight to erase the stigma of women smoking and now has more responsible therapists still repairing the damage he did so many years ago!

  14. You’re dope, man. Keep it up.

  15. Nice variation on the movie screen behind your rolled-up eyes induction deserves “awesome” stars!

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