Hypnosis for Sleep

Hypnosis Video to help you fall asleep, rest well, and awaken energized and motivated!
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20. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. i fell asleep!!!!!!! for like 5 mins!!! it worked!!

  2. You are better than JESUS!!!!!1111111!

  3. im 13… i fell asleep watching this… in the middle of the night.. my mom took pictures on the screen cuz she thought it was hilarious… xD

  4. sooo creepyy fucking horror movie

  5. sorry a bit creepy

  6. @bellavator94 -ahah your right lol he does sound like a creeper xD

  7. this sucked. you sound like a creeper.

  8. I didn’t fall asleep but I do feel relaxed thx

  9. i don’t understand one word but he make me sleep ^^’

  10. you are a loser i did that you said but i didnt sleep

  11. very relaxing but didnt fall asleep :[

  12. awwww i was so close 🙁

  13. im so sad it didnt work for me

  14. O just woke from 12 hr sleep sht….

  15. If this had to be a screamer I would have hunted the uploader down lol

  16. oh god i didnt waited till end vut i filll so relax now my head is like dripping or somehting

  17. i have tried every video on utube to try and sleep and none of them work for me FML.

  18. You are so amazing!! Thank you so much!!!

  19. How many times have you been hypnotised??

  20. THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING!!! I have like crazy trouble sleeping…I just cant seem to fall asleep without laying there for hours…and then when I go to sleep I always have horrible dreams and this video totally put me to sleep…I sleep great to and I actually had a normal dream!!! a good normal dream!!! and that NEVER happens EVER! Thank you sooooooo muh. Love this video =)

  21. lmao! girlfriend thinks im weird cuz i Liston to his vid’s before i go to sleep. but great video’s

  22. it works!!!
    oh dear, finally had a good sleep. =DDD

  23. This will really help me for christmas night

  24. Thank you SO much for this video; I was an anxious wreck last night and this video let me sleep. This video also turned me on lol, you have a wonderful speaking voice

  25. You really should upload this again with the sound fixed
    because i can’t hear anything on my conmputer

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