Hypnosis – FULL Induction Part 1 of 3

bit.ly UPDATE: A lot of people have asked me about conversational hypnosis, nlp, mind control techniques, psychological tricks, how to hypnotize someone, a friend, your boss, your dog, anybody really, how is it really done, how to be able to influence someone to obey your commands, what’s the real secret. Well, my personal secret is a combination between my passion for the human mind and how it works and the material found in the link above. Here is Part 1 of 3 of the Hypnosis Session. Please understand that I intentionally removed the first 3 or so minutes of the induction because that is where the real work is at, and that is the ‘secret’ if you will. I removed it so that none of you would try it yourselves just by watching this video, because someone could get hurt without the proper training. PLEASE DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TRY THIS AT HOME! Note that alot of the time I repeat myself over and over again so that she will get the clear message of what it is I’m suggesting her to do. NOTE: Some of the more ‘personal information’ that she says (ie. our Address) I have muted out for obvious reasons. Hope you guys enjoy. =] Comment please. -Vinnie

05. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Im very intrested in things like this. You should tell everone how to acuatally do this.

  2. @sasukepie109 yes

  3. @ny907 yes

  4. is this real

  5. this is the real thing

  6. Can you please make another hypnosis video hypnotizing the same girl and I’ll get a bunch of my friends to rate it 5 stars

  7. i like ur technique u make everyone believe that ur hipnotizing lol but they are sleeping cuz they want i like ur video i will make one but i dont know when my cam is broken lol

  8. the elman induction, am i correct?

  9. With all your fans claiming for a new video with your sister, why haven’t you pleased them? I mean, you have almost as much fans as longelygirl15. Come one, friend, you can do it. All your fans (including me) beg on our knees, PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE A NEW VIDEO.

  10. The person that you hypnotize needs to want to be hypnotized. If they don’t believe it can happen or don’t want to be hypnotized… it won’t happen. Try it on a serious friend. 🙂

  11. ..Hypnotize me too! :p

  12. Love it! Please post another video of you hypnotizing your sis!…Pleassse! :p

  13. i like how he takes the first three minutes out cause it’s so secret. yeah and the fact that you can find a site full of inductions just by typing it on google. and you can’t hurt someone unless you actually know what you’re doing… lol.

  14. ugh wtf ive been studying hypnosis all summer and still can’t get any one in my family hypnotized. i have been confident and done everything needed, but no i can’t do it what the hell? sorry i needed a place to vent.

  15. he just saying tht so ya”ll dont copy hes shit

  16. It depends on the subject; it IS possible to hurt someone with hypnosis. It’s just highly difficult to do so.

  17. I hypnotized people a couple of times last week, and didn’t notice the people being cool after the fact, but that sounds like a good explanation. Thanks! john

  18. after being relaxed, your body slows down and as you’re not moving your breathing slows and your body cools down. Sometimes they get the person to cover themselves with a blanket or something.

  19. let me know!

  20. u cant get hurt in hypnosis

  21. I am doing a hypno demo on the 3rd of Apr. will see if it happens again, or just a fluke!

  22. nope, that’s extremely weird. abreactions usually happen with some rhyme or reason but, like you said, this is really weird.

  23. I didn’t think the room was cool, but I did do a hot-cold demo…maybe I ddn’t erradicate the cold feeling??? You have never seen this happen?

  24. huh. well. that’s odd. could it be that your classroom actually is cold, or did they not feel that way before?

  25. I have only noticed it once, but usually they don’t hang around. It just so happened that some of the students stuck around and I noticed it then. It was easy to get them back to a normal feeling with an audio suggestion, and they were fine after that!

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