Hypnosis in Sales, Influence and Persuasion

www.hypnosis101.com One of the techniques NLP Practitioners and Hypnotherapists use is called “Future Pacing.” Here’s how to use it in a persuasion format. As hypnotherapists, we take people out into the future and have them imagine already having achieved their goals. In other words, a person who wants to be thin and healthy and exercise regularly–we take them out into the future, having already achieved that and step them in to that. So they’re imagining themselves out on the future thin and healthy and energetic and everything they want to be. We make sure there’s a tremendous number of positive feelings attached to that imagination. So that whenever they think about exercising, that goal pops into their mind and they have all those positive feelings which motivate them to take action such as exercising or eating healthy. That’s future pacing.
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  1. Hi relentlesstoday,
    Thanks for the comments. A person’s past and future are wherever they are. It’s true that many people have their past to their left and future to the right-my timeline is sometime’s organized that way. But there is a presupposition here that it’s better to match someone’s existing timeline rather than bring them to a new one. Not necessarily true…

  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I have been in customers satisfaction business for a little over 20 years. I started selling umbrellas in the streets of NYC. Now I have to say that during your presentation. I notice your hands. A tip is about time lines. when we take the prospect or client or customer to the future our hands should be moving towards the right hand side of the client. Our left hand side. The future is to the left. Their subconscious mind picks that up quickly.Thanks

  3. I don’t know what you’re saying with regards to Ross Jefferies but he didn’tt invent these techniques!

  4. Ross Jefferies

  5. the logical nice guys also tend to be unconfident.

    i am a sales person and the difference between days when i come to work fully confident in what im saying and days where i wonder “how did i ever manage to stay afloat this long” is immense in sales figures

  6. Sure,
    Anything you can use to activate someone’s imagination and get them to visualize what you want them to do will increase your chances of success. Keep in mind, it doesn’t force them to do anything–it invites them!

  7. Can I use this technique to get girls?

  8. Thats 100% correct. Make them think of the results. Sell the sizzle not the steak!

  9. would be good to see some sales examples

  10. Emotions tend to trump logic. This explains why women tend to prefer to date the ‘exciting jerk’ than the ‘logical’ nice guy.

  11. make that sale

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