Hypnosis: Peak Workout Motivation Training

From www.incrediblechange.com — Hypnosis and NLP for developing naturally inspired high-powered workout motivation. World acclaimed hypnotherapist, Peter C. Siegel, RH, demonstrates the rapid induction and anchoring technique used to activate peak performance workout emotions, as seen on channel My 13 TV News in Los Angeles.

21. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. he must be eating in his sleep ! How could she take him serious !

  2. @milkycent
    actually this isn’t a stupid method that just randomly came out of no where one day. Joe Weider actually talks about it in his book called “Ultimate Bodybuilding” and he sais it is real effective and alot of bodybuilders at the time used it to keep motivated. Many bodybuilders these days use the technique to and it is real effective….as for the guy being fat he can motivate people to workout by hypnosis but he probably doesn’t want to work out. Look at all of these fat coaches.

  3. The energy? Do you mean your heartbeat?

  4. why dont he use it first lol?

  5. haha I just think it’s so hilarious that the hypnosis guy is fat yet this is the person people turn to for an alternative methods of motivation to work out.

    That’s the thing about these sort of stupid methods streaming through media, they always have to be so efing ironic and senseless.

  6. how can this be true if the hypnotist is so fat?

  7. what is the song at 0:20 ????

  8. rip pete

  9. just use your will power thats how jerry rice

  10. I’ve never seen the issue this video addresses handled so thoroughly. This is consistent with the great things I’ve read about Pete; I wish he could train my subconscious like he does his subject here.
    Extremely interesting!

  11. Wow! This incredible video really shows me you CAN overcome excuses not to work out.

    I’ve seen Pete Siegel on TV before; the results he demonstrates here are totally decisive!

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