Hypnosis Techniques: Hypnotized Bodybuilder in New York–Rapid Induction

For more information about street hypnosis and hypnosis classes… Join my (free)Newsletter here: www.KC2XL.com Visit my website here www.paradoxhypnosis.com I was invited by the owners of Dolphin Fitness to attend their June 2009 Health Fair in New York to demonstrate Sports Hypnosis. While I was there advertising The Paradox Agency for Hypnosis, I chatted with Mike, a (Joe Weider’s) Muscle & Fitness model and bodybuilder, who graciously agreed to be filmed while I demonstrated hypnosis to him. In this video, you see me hypnotizing Mike for the first time (this was his first experience with hypnosis). The video begins with Mike standing and waiting for me to move two chairs before beginning the hypnosis induction—he had just agreed to be filmed a few moments before the camera started rolling. Although the sound quality in this video is not standard, I have posted it because this video shows some advanced street hypnosis techniques that easily can be spotted by those studying intermediate and advanced instant and rapid (or street) hypnosis inductions. For those studying hypnosis at home or taking formal hypnosis classes –Notice how Mike appears to be resistant at first and then moves into deeper levels of hypnosis as the induction progresses. –Notice the transition between the hand lock and my directing the volunteer to be seated. –Take note of Mikes reaction to the transition (He drops heavily into the seat). Why does this happen? –What deepening techniques are used

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  1. is the hypnotist a bodybuilder as well? 2 big ass dudes

  2. KC, actually what happens after this video? Did you give him suggestions to perform better in the gym? Did you wake him immediately?

    Maybe you can post the post hypnotic session after it.
    Still love this video…

  3. @danlublock You should not attempt to use hypnosis in personal situations like this. If your ex wants to address those issues then she/he should go to a private, 3rd party hypnotist or therapist. Never attempt to hypnotherapy to counsel family members or close friends. You should have an objective 3rd party work with them.

  4. Can Hypnosis be used on an Ex lover, im not saying to force them back into love with you, but to remove any bad feelings and thoughts they may have towards you, out of their mind?

  5. i didnt know you were buff

  6. damn they play good music at your gym. GoodLife needs more of that

  7. Yes, Hypnosis can help you stop blushing in social situations. Hypnosis would be used to address the reasons for your blushing (e.g., embarrassment, self-confidence issues, etcetera) and thereby decrease or eliminate your blushing.

  8. @KC2XL can hypnosis help me stop blushing all the time in social situations?

  9. Hypnosis can help you increase your concentration and endurance, and can help you achieve your goals (strength, diet, muscle, weight loss, etc.) by teaching you how to cultivate thought patterns that keep you focused on achieving your goals.

  10. Hypnosis can be used to teach you how to mentally focus and work harder (and safely) through the difficult parts of your set and topush out extra reps (those last reps of a set when lactic acid has built up and muscles have fatigued–when most people would stop and re-rack the weight), so that you consistently get stornger and grow faster.

  11. Hypnosis can help you add weight to your max lifts, but the process happens gradually–it is not sudden. (In other words, you wouldn’t leap from a max of 225 to 325 in one day. However, by using hypnosis you can increase your max weights faster than those who are not using sports hypnosis.

  12. could you hypnotize me in to thinking i can lift a certain amount of weight like right now i max 225 can you make it lets say 325 and just increase my lifts like that sir so i may continue to lift from there and work out to get stronger from that state
    iam a 6’6 290 pound 16 year old and i feel relly weak

  13. your stronger than the body buidler ;? LOL

  14. Basic hypnosis consists of (this is not an exhaustive list): Identifying the hypnotic state, forming suggestions properly, using classic inductions such as progressive relaxation consistently, correctly and well to induce hypnosis, etcetera.

    Advanced hypnosis consists of (this is not an exhaustive list): complex suggestion formation, using non-traditional approaches to evoking the hypnotic state, etcetera.

  15. what would you call basics and advanced im trying to learn and im struggling saying the least

  16. Thank you!
    It is easy to learn hypnosis and easy to do as long as you study dilligently and learn the basics well. People run into trouble with hypnosis when they attempt to learn the advanced techniques without having mastered the basics.

    I have been studying and doing hypnosis since around 1990.

  17. Great video, you are the best hypnotist I’ve ever seen!!!
    Is it hard to learn hypnosis, and where did you learn it?
    Is it hard to do hypnosis if you’ve been doing it for a long time?

  18. Danke für Ihre Anmerkung.

  19. unglaublich – würde ich erne mal life erleben

  20. Lately, people in both disciplines tend to blend NLP and Hypnotic techniques. NLP’ers have begun to recognize that their clients enter hypnotic states during NLP sessions, and by purposely using those hypnotic states, the NLP sessions become more effective. Hypnotists have begun to recognize that by using NLP references (modalities, anchoring techniques, etc) they can create better suggestions and have a more profound effect on their clients (i.e., the Hypnosis sessions become more effective).

  21. Hypnosis and NLP are quite similar. However, most practitioners who practice strictly hypnosis or strictly NLP don’t recognize it. Traditional Hypnosis tends to focus on creating effective suggestions for clients after securing an appropriate hypnotic state. NLP tends to focus on the client’s personal relationship between communication (language/gesture) and mental processes.

  22. @KC2XL Hey, what’s the difference between NLP and hypnosis?

  23. The best method to learn first is either Progressive Relaxation or the Elman Induction. Although these inductions are long, they are the simplest to learn how to do well. Only after you can execute both of those inductions easily and effectively should you attempt to use instant and rapid inductions.

  24. If you study diligenly, you can learn hypnosis quite well in 3-6 months. The amount of time it takes you to become proficient depends on how well you have learned the basics of hypnosis before attempting to execute the advanced techniques of instant and rapid inductions. Fast methods of hypnosis seem easy on the surface. On the contrary, fast inductions require a hypnotist to be able to use many complex techniques simultaneously.

  25. Hi KC. I must say your techniques of hypnotising are great..I’m just curious how much time does it take to learn a “simple” method of hypnotising like interrupt handshaking

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