Hypnosis – Utilising Trance States

Michael Watson, training for Salad Ltd, demonstrates with hypnotherapist Duncan Clark, how simple questions can rapidly induce a trance state in a client who has previously experienced trance. This clip was taken from Salad’s Certified Neo-Ericksonian Training 2007, full details of the next training can be seen at salad.infusionsoft.com

29. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. ya tags are great for killing resist persons, not literally.

  2. Hah! Nice tag question.

  3. Great example, and good use of unpacking stratagies thanks

  4. Well.this is really amazing and just wish i could learn..But it’s really hard for me.See I live in mexico and here not to many people know about this type of method.Have you ever sponsered any body?Well I think it would be a great success here.Anyways this is really good and keep it going.

  5. Impressive. And so remarkably easy when you know how, isn’t it? 🙂

  6. cool

  7. WEll, Michael certainly had me going!! VG

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