Hypnosis – What it is, How it works, and Why?

This Vid talks about how I got into hypnosis, What it is, How it works, and Why?
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24. August 2011 by Admin
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  1. Nice, but please next time make it louder 😮

  2. You look Like the Green Arrow from Smallville 😛
    Sorry ;$

  3. Dude u xplained so much 😛 thnx man i subbed 🙂

  4. So when i read books for school and the times when my eyes and brain just go through the words but i dont pick up any info thats the state of hypnosis?

  5. @Rodriguito123456 🙂

  6. 2:00 so true….
    Man, this video just makes me remember how I love psichology. Thanks for it

  7. @harvestcheddar0 it is real.

  8. When I graduated we had this “project graduation” thing and we had a hypnotist. He made a group of my classmates do things. For instance he made one boy think he was a ninja whenever he snapped his fingers. He took our valedictorian and made her count but she forget even numbers and she wasn’t aware that she was skipping them. One girl thought she was Miley Cyrus and danced whenever she heard a miley song. Is this possible or was it fake?

  9. @shank3006 friendly lol

  10. @mossy1792 Hahaha, so true man

  11. omg i got hypnotized by this video.. turn it off so i can listen to the valuable info 😀

  12. wow that was very informative for me thanks a lot.

    is it hypnotist a doctor or someone who knows who knows how brain works?

    second can i use it in my magic shows?(there sm guy who gave me this idea to improve on my tricks still bit short of information )

  13. dude you need to fix the sound problem, we understand not even half of what you say

  14. Very good, I got a similiar vid. I like this Jer. 5 stars ! 🙂

  15. This is the best answer/description that I’ve seen thus far – thanks for posting!

  16. i quit completely by using 4 mg nicotine gum and chewing 2 pieces at a time.

  17. HINT: you really should read Marco Lacoboni,…

  18. dont forget to mention the “hardrive” can hold 3 terrabytes of information

  19. you gotta have willpower aswell man

    really hope you manage to quit:D

  20. the thing with reading a book happens to me mostly every time i read it pisses me off cause i have to go back and read again but anyways cool vid and info

  21. yeah take your time bro, im looking forward to seeing them, thanks

  22. Thank you! It means a lot and appreciate that very much~ 😀

  23. at this time I AM taking requests…
    However there is no guarantee as to the time line at which I will be able to post them.
    I WANT to do videos everyday! But, I just got my new laptop and am trying to set it up to make videos. hopefully I will have more videos out soon! 😀

  24. someone before asked if you could make one 4 quiting smoking and I was wondering, could you?

  25. the answer to your question is multi-faceted due to the angles of addiction. addiction shows itself in one or both of two forms. Either as a physical addiction or as a Psychological addiction. Hypnosis WILL help in the case of the psychological addiction AND make the Physical addiction MUCH easier to work through! 🙂

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