Hypnotic Language Patterns: Secrets of Covert Hypnosis and NLP

Discover how to instantly control any interaction with this fast, practical covert hypnosis lesson focusing on hypnotic language patterns. To claim your free download and master NLP’s most powerful persuasion tool, head on over to MasterHypnoticLanguage.com
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12. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. hey, so i was drunk yesterday and tried instant induction in three people.. i failed on all three of them. the last i didnt do the hand pull, i tried to slowly hypnotise her. she was a homeless lady. and i failed. should i give up?

  2. So basically, re-wording the issue from the current, negative perspective to the potential, positive results. The overall intention being to convince the subject that their ‘issue’ isn’t really an issue after all. Simple in theory; perhaps not in reality. Though I suppose, like almost everything, it’s just a matter of enough practice.

  3. Fantastic!!!

  4. i swear if i get half way through this video and realize ive been hypnotized to punch myself in the face…

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