HYUNA 현아 (4MINUTE) – BUBBLE POP (버블팝) [Dance Practice HD]

12 July 2011 @ Dance Practice (연습) 현아 (포미닛) – 버블 팝 / Hyunah (4MINUTE) – Bubble Pop MV Full HD Eng Sub : youtu.be

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  1. i really want to be back-up dancer .. hiks … i’ll do everything to dance with such a great singer hyuna … 😀

  2. น่ารักมาก ><

  3. soooo tired… she fall down at the end =(

  4. all of anti fan of hyuna,just zipper your mouth,….!

  5. ..:[[ she doesnt look happy here…she looks like shes really tired. :[

  6. @AsianDream2013
    actually apparently she had gastrointestinal problems.

  7. Hyuna go sleep already you’re so tired

  8. cute dance

  9. 잘추긴 억스로 잘추네…

  10. @AZNetizen when the fuck did i say any of that you need to STOP

  11. this was super cute.
    dance moves are really quick, seems hard.
    that main guy dancer is funny 🙂

  12. wowwww

  13. Whether HyunA’s tired or not she still manages to amaze me. I wish the choreography for this song was different though. This doesn’t seem like HyunA’s style to me. 😐

  14. @AsianDream2013 Didn’t HyunA have a medical problem that was preventing her to continue with Wonder Girls? o^o

  15. Are you saying HyunA’s faking it or CUBE is evil and HyunA is under slave contract?

    I think HyunA is tired but she did this for fans…. look at her she can still dance pretty well… I think that’s because she really like what she’s doing 🙂

  16. Hyuna needs sleep… I mean Mirror Mirror then Japanese activities then dancing with the stars and now album promotions?!? I can see in live perfs her singing falters cuz shes really tired.. She could barely get up… During the dubstep part she like almost fell ><

  17. @AZNetizen WG US promo started something like 3 years after she left.. she left because she was starting to be tired after the debut of WG.. she was still too young to support that much effort.

  18. poor HyunA so tired…

    I heard she has weak stamina that’s why she left Wondergirls because JYP told that she probably won’t handle WG U.S. promotions.

    imagine she has to perform this later today/tomorrow and she still have to practice the dance she’ll be performing for “Dancing with the stars” show.

  19. She’s so tired. I feel sorry for her. Poor Hyuna. Hyuna HWAITING!!! Love you.

  20. but slapping is the worst

  21. at 1:39 she could barely get up.

  22. why would they release this video when hyuna’s so obviously tired in it

  23. OMG 2:20 & 3:32 !! Poor Hyun Ah !

  24. 2:20 – 2:22 wtf?? O_O

  25. The dance makes it look like she’s trying to get some ants out of her pants. Love the song though

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