I Wish I Could Do That! New Behavior Generator In-Depth NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

I Wish I Could Do That! New Behavior Generator In-Depth NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

So many times I have watched a talented person perform and thought “I wish I could do that!” It may be a sportsman running with grace and agility, an entertainer playing to the audience, or just a friend of mine with an easy charm and manner.

The chances are I can’t do exactly what they do. They may have a genetic gift way beyond mine, or years of dedicated training.

However, I can certainly get closer to what they do, using the New Behavior Generator of Neuro Linguistic Programming . This is a form of modeling.

This technique is made all the more effective using In-Depth NLP, which uses hypnotic principles to tap into the untapped power of the unconscious mind. As such it uses the best of hypnosis and NLP. In-Depth NLP is taught on our hypnosis and NLP training courses here in New York.

The In-Depth NLP version of the New Behavior Generator works as follows:

· Induce a trance using hypnosis. Using the principles of In-Depth NLP we suggest you use an induction that includes visual imagery to assist the client’s unconscious mind to begin to easily see pictures. Those working on themselves using self-hypnosis will have their own favorite inductions.

· When a pleasant trance state has been established, imagine (or get the client to imagine) you are in a movie theater. The seats are very soft and comfortable. The screen is large and very easy to see.

· The movie begins. You feel comfortable in the chair, as the music begins to play, and the movie starts. Perhaps you can even smell the popcorn!

· You watch the movie, it has your favorite character in it, the one you have decided to model. The scene you are watching shows them doing that special thing that they do. That special thing that you wish you can do.

· You realize you have a remote control in the arm of your comfortable chair. This allows you to rewind and replay, or play at slow motion if you wish.

· You play and replay the scene focusing on your main character. You notice how she stands, how she breathes, her facial expression, her posture. You notice how she interacts with those around her. What she says. The expression on her face and all her subtle gestures.

· You play and replay the scene as many times as you wish, until it looks perfect to you.

· You play it once more. This time, as it begins to play, you imagine yourself floating out of your seat, and into the movie screen.

· You float behind your heroine, copying her posture and breathing, facial expression, gestures, muscle tone, words and everything else about her.

· As the scene ends, you find it has looped back to the beginning. This time, you float inside her skin. You become her. You feel everything she feels, as you move through the scene. This time you are the star of the show.

By exploring this exercise in a state of hypnotic trance, we can begin to take on some of the characteristics of the person we want to model. Of course we will not have their genes, or their years of experience or training, but it will be a start. Our unconscious mind can begin to take on the aspects that make her special and rehearse those abilities, making it easier to duplicate.

Combining NLP and hypnosis training in this way gives a unique opportunity to model the skills of those we admire.

Shawn Carson is director IPH New York; NLP training in New York, hypnosis, individual coaching, www.nlptrainingnewyork.com 212-714-3574 Melissa Tiers is an NGH certified hypnotist; hypnosis training in New York, hypnosis for weight loss, hypnosis to stop smoking www.melissatiers.com 212-714-3569 In-Depth NLP

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