IBS Cure For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

www.justbewell.com It is possible to either cure IBS or at the least reduce the symptoms. There are proven techniques from the fields of hypnotherapy and NLP that have shown time after time that when anxiety about IBS is reduced, the symptoms are reduced too. Yes it is always important to seek medical advice for any physiological problems, including irritable bowel syndrome, but so often all that is left to the person is checking their diet, trying this and that, hoping that the symptom or symptoms of IBS will go away. When you relax, profoundly relax, your mind is more open to positive suggestions. When the various hypnotherapeutic techniques are then combined with NLP, the effects can often be radical and swift. There are various treatments for IBS, but these are amongst the best, the quickest, and the most effective.

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  1. I used aloe vera and probiotics plus had a food allergy test – IBS is 99% gone, just a very occasional flare up. Hope that helps someone else as its such a horrible problem.

  2. I’m on a mix of cymbalta (anti-depressant) and a laxative

  3. Everyone looking for a cure but most people are looking for others to help them. I learn everything I need to do to cure my IBS by just watching youtube videos and doing my own research without paying one dine. All that I need to do was to change my diet and the way that I was eating. Use the internet as a research tool.

  4. Just started a new vlog specifically for IBS 🙂

  5. Has anyone tried probiotics? Personally, I had a tremendous amount of success with that and getting off dairy.It almost fully reversed a severe case of acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) for me.I also had A LOT of success recently reducing IBS using a hard to find Specific-Frequency-Microcurrent-Device I got from a chiropractor.I find that MDs will generally not discuss any natural remedies that treat the CAUSE of health problems.They instead often endlessly treat the symptoms.

  6. Has anyone tried probiotics? Personally, I had a tremendous amount of success with that and getting off dairy. It almost fully reversed a severe case of acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) for me.

  7. Has anyone tried probiotics?

  8. I’ve had this for as long as I can remember. I’m 16 and Ive tried everything

  9. To you that have this,do you also get pain in your lower left hand side? A bit like appendicitus? I am a novice in this,but think I may have it.

  10. ok probably everyone that is watching this video has ibs and it is a terrible terrible thing. I’m 13 and its gotten in the way of my school/sports/friends/etc. What I’m taking for this is Bentyl and it helps and seriesly ask your doctor about this because it probably will help

  11. Its really starting to bug me now, i’ve had stomach problems since i was about 7 or 8. And im now 14, its continues every single day! Some days worse than others, but its always there! And i just don’t know what to do anymore, please help me?

  12. @MightyExseven watch my video BEAT IBS with WHEY PROTEIN

  13. @we75k9c0s3 You got that RIGHT!! I went to different doctors for over 30 years and found the cure for my IBS ON MY OWN!! Watch my video BEAT IBS WITH WHEY PROTEIN

  14. people must rememmber ibs is a symptom not a syndrome, ibs only happens whn there is somthing irritating your body, all test must be conducted then the doctor can be positive it is ibs,

  15. yer i waited 1 year and had enough of doctor telling me there is nothing wrong, i went to poland which i recommend many to go to for private health care as they are great, they had found that i had inflamation in my duodenum and it was al burnt through acid i have healing time of 3 months and no beer, no coffee, no heavy sugar crap, boiled food i have to eat, lots of yogurt to rebuild good bacteria to aid recovery, in poland i was given appropriate medication, they found it out in 1 week.

  16. @Vdjperks yeah, most times doctors are’nt good for much only drugging you up and keeping you that way the rest of your life.

  17. Well, the body follows the mind, so i guess this is possible, we have to stay positive people

  18. I find warmth and heat will soothe most aches and pains..

  19. Sorry I have to disagree with this

  20. ibs they dont even know what it is, really ibs has to do with the bile entering gut the thing that controls your bile in bowels is your gallbladder, the nhs suck when it comes to digestive tract as its very difficult to cure, but doctors do not give you more tests and call you crazy and hypocondriact

  21. How do you know if you have IBS? I’m 18 but i have had a problem with my stomach bloating for many years. After eating one meal, my stomach bloats a lot to the point where it looks like I’m pregnant and i have to exercise a lot just to get my stomach less inflated.
    So is that IBS? something else? How do I fix it?

  22. I’ve got nothing to lose.
    Thanks a lot for the techniques.
    Heard a lot abount self-healing and almost every case seemed to work.

  23. hemp oil?

  24. The cure for IBS is often to be found in a combination of lifestyle changes, sensible eating and specific targetted relaxation. I have noticed that worrying about irritable bowel syndrome often makes it worse. Very often, though, deliberately taking time out to sit quietly for ten minutes daily with your hands resting on your abdomen, imagining a healing warmth spreading thoughout your abdomen can really help cure IBS or at the very least reduce IBS symptoms.

  25. Sounds worth a try cos pills don’t work for me.

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