Impotence Treatments: Does Hypnosis Hold The Answer Whether you call it impotence or erectile dysfunction, many men have problems getting or maintaining an erection. If you have already been checked out medically then there is every reason to seek help for this from a qualified practitioner of NLP neuro linguistic programming. When the mind training techniques of NLP are combined with hypnosis then the worry over impotence, the anxiety about impotence goes away. For it is anxiety about erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence that can be a major factor in maintaining the problem. A man suffering with these problems will almost always worry about it before and during sex. This worry sends unconscious signals and your body obeys the signals. It is a vicious circle. The more you worry the worse it gets. But how do you stop worrying? Your imagination needs training and we will help you automatically get control of your thinking so that you can be focussed on being totally involved in your sexual experience rather than being anxious about it. So get in touch with one of us, the JustBeWell clinics are worldwide and may well provide the cure you are looking for.

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