Instant Problem Solver

In Less than 2 minutes any Problem will DISAPPEAR while watching this video…Really !
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03. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. This really does work but I don’t think its easy for people who are new to self-healing. Definitely some high level stuff to be able to dissolve problems that quickly!

  2. Eh…

  3. @NorfWeezy LMAO that’s fucking funny

  4. my instant problem solver is an AK-47

  5. Nope, I’m still in prison.

  6. @jaredknightcom Thank You!

  7. Love it 😀

  8. I have a video called instant manifestation, it shows how to manifest objects from thin air. Check it out.

  9. My spine is fixed!!!! No wait, it’s not

  10. too short 🙁

  11. I found these types of exercises very helpful for quite some time. I don’t use them as much anymore because of my understanding that any “problem” is an illusion of my creation. If that “problem” keeps popping up, I’m the one who keeps manifesting it. What I’d like to do is try this with the new awareness of my creative role in my life.

  12. It worked!

  13. Amazing! It worked on my pain!!

  14. did you count yourself? 🙂

  15. Woah, i feel perfect.

  16. I think everything is control by mental imagenary. desitions are made by choice and when you let allow any situation that is harmful there is a consecuence pay back. is when after we complain about life and things around. life works better when any situation problem you let it go. start fucusing in the soluccion no in the problem. instant problem solver it works for any problem no matter what kind it works

  17. does it heals a disease?

  18. @Leishmaniasisably its amazing what a short video can do!
    With this many hits i think ill make another.

    Thanks for posting:-)

  19. This video is amazing! It’s wierd… I cant feel my back now because I’m so relaxed and not worrying about my problem.

  20. thanks man

  21. @tylerbback thats half the point, he’s overloading your brain and breaking into your subconscious mind

  22. ZOMG!

  23. @Neton16 I am Agent Smith….Mr. Anndeerson

  24. you sounds like Agent Smith! :O

  25. @theSeductionKing thanks

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