Instant Tranquility – NLP Hypnosis to Relax Deeply and Stop Anxiety & Panic Attacks Instant Tranquility is a guided hypnotic session for deeply relaxing, which uses NLP techniques to lull the listener into a deep sense of calm, melting away stress and anxiety, and reducing the chances of experiencing panic attacks. *May cause drowsiness. Do not use this session when you need to be alert or drive a car machinery. Instant Tranquility is just one of several free anxiety-busting bonuses available with the award winning EasyCalm Anxiety Video Series (see the link above for details about the series). NOTE: the YouTube version is in mono, but the original takes advantage of wide stereo audio for a more emmersing, relaxing experience. The series is designed specifically to stop panic attacks and anxiety, and promote greater feelings of acceptance, self-confidence and calm in everyday life. You may notice that some of the language in this session sounds “weird.” But keep in mind that this session uses NLP techniques that speak directly to the unconscious mind — it doen’t matter at all how it is percieved consciously–you’ll still get results, no matter how high your current level of anxiety or frequency of panic attacks. It’s even a great stress buster to just relax and chill after a long or stressful day.
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18. June 2011 by Admin
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  1. This is shite… and gay..

  2. @Awesomenizzleness

    If you think this way, you will never succeed, loser.

  3. @kainmaro2010 I did read your comment,. just because you did good dont mean the next person will have the same succsess.

  4. @Awesomenizzleness I don’t know if you have read my comments, but it says that I’ve been doing great for the past two years since I’ve tried this technique.

  5. @kainmaro2010 Its easier said then done lol

  6. how long does this take to hav an effect? and how many times do i listen to it?

  7. @metalheadd1000 I guarantee that the symptoms will leave your mind alone slowly but surely. and you’ll be laughing about it in the future. Don’t worry about it. Have fun watching the fight. ciao

  8. @metalheadd1000 observe all the symptoms from a different point of view, like I said, as a spectator. Then note all the symptoms that your mind is feeling. Not yourself, your mind is feeling the symptoms, your mind is taking the hit, not yourself, since you’re outside of the fight and youre actualy watching it. So while you’re noting all the feelings and emotions. such as: anxiety, thoughts of certain death, heart beats, strange vision, panic, wtf is going symptoms. then you will see, I guarante

  9. @metalheadd1000 untill you accept it entirely. When you have a panic attack, you need to let it come and challenge it like during a fight, the panic attack will punch you , you will take the hit then you counter attack. This is what you need to do: You seperate yourself from your mind, knowing that your mind is taking the fight, while “yourself” is relax and calm, you’ll be watching that fight untill the end as a spectator. Let the symptoms of the anxiety attack hit your mind and observe

  10. @metalheadd1000

    i had my first panik attack 4 years ago , I ended up in the hospital for not knowing what the heck was happening to me. I’ve been doing great for the past 2 years. I’ll give you two tricks that have helped me. First, never never ever get scared of the panic attack. If you get scared of it, it will haunt you and come back to you every 15 mins. Don’t try to relax and don’t say to yourself that it will go, actually it won’t go. it will stay with you for a while, untill you accept

  11. That’s pretty cool, actually. Very…relaxing… ^.^

  12. thank you, dear. thanks a lot from the depth of my heart

  13. i had my first panic attack today i think. ive never been so confused in all my life. it was the worst feeling in the world knowing that something was wrong with me and there was nothing i could do. I felt like i was going to faint and the weird thing was is that it came out of no where with no warning. im so confused and need some feedback guys.

  14. i screwed myself damn it!! started thinking he sounded like right said fred and he was going to bust into the “i’m too sexy” song…shit!! have to try another

  15. At first, I couldn’t take this seriously, I was lying down, giggling to myself as the guy spoke then BAM! something changed and woah… i was deeply out of it!

  16. @alphamonster123 It certainly can. But you also have to find out the reasons of your anxiety:D

  17. will this help me to overcome my social Anxiety disorder???

  18. @XyourXtoxicXloveX and it would of worked 😉

  19. @absotarian its good to see that im not alone who ended up in the emergency from a panic attack 🙂

  20. really good, i cant remember what happened but very relaxing voice

  21. Wow … that’s the first ever hypnotic trance i’ve been in and it’s so lovely! I just felt so relaxed i didn’t want to come around at the end 😛

  22. Can it wait for a bit? I’m in the middle of some calibrations.

  23. Super good! I enjoyed it much. Thxs. Loved it!

    Super voice BTW. =)

  24. i want the music

  25. @foxlogan81 yep u got it lol 😉

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