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02. July 2011 by Admin
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  1. I understand that is important to you, I would also encourage yourself to make a promise to yourself for you to be proud of you and do what’s right for you! You cannot make someone be proud of you, it’s not a force or control thing, do what’s important and the results will follow

  2. i made a promise to myself, is to make my wife proud of me.

  3. going out with the family for lunch tomorrow, will focus or my energy on my family, i am going to keep my heart open and listen closely.

  4. Sounds like you are making changes in your world, which is great! Remember, quality time replaces quantity! Be present with your family, which means when your with them, dont let your mind wonder onto other things, this brings strong connection too

  5. It is said that those that are the happiest have:
    a pet, so bought a dog for my family for xmas.

  6. i already have benefited, my painting has got better, painted 5 scenes from this video, and hanged them up. makes me feel good walking past them, keeps me focus.

  7. Fantastic, communicate and open the heart, be strong and listen to her and give & receive. Let me know the progress.

  8. my wife wants divorce, but im going to give her an intimate relationship, thank you

  9. my wife wants divorce, but im going to give hen a intimate relationship, thank you

  10. interesting…

  11. Love it

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